Timmy Time : Hide and Seek (DVD Review)

DVD Synopsis:
Come out, come out wherever you are to join Timmy and his preschool playmates for hide and seek and so much more! From finding the perfect hiding place for noisy Paxton to making paper boats with a sneezy Stripey, Timmy and his friends uncover adventure and surprises filled with fun and laughter in these five adorable stories that the whole family will enjoy.
Episodes Include:
- "Timmy Tries to Hide"
- "Timmy Gets the Job Done"
- "Timmy Goes Bang"
- "Timmy Wants the Beret"
- "Timmy Afloat"

I believe that Broxton and I might have watched Timmy Time once before..
Don't quote me on that, but I think that is about right.

We received the Timmy Time DVD that is scheduled for release September 20th and of course, i wanted to see what it was.
We have seen the advertisements, but I wanted to watch it all.
So, Broxton snuggled up with me in the chair and we put it on.

Okay, so there is no talking...
I actually was annoyed by it at first, until I used it to my advantage!
Broxton and I used that time to talk about what we were watching, instead of being worried we might miss something! :)

I will highlight my top three choices , as I want you to get to experience the different episodes, not just read all about them!

In the first episode, I was actually trying to figure out the point...
This one is where Timmy and his friends play hide and seek.
This little pig, well... He kept following Timmy everywhere!
(He also gave away their hiding spot when he was playing with a loud squeaky toy!)
Broxton and I talked about how it was nice to play hide and seek, but that the pig really needed to be quiet, as he was messing up the game and making Timmy mad!

In Timmy Gets the Job Done, I learned that Timmy is very much a little trouble maker!
We talked about how all the kids were doing their "jobs" so they could go and play, but Timmy wasn't and kept getting in trouble!
In the end, he did the right thing and was rewarded for a job well done, just like the rest of the class.

The one that just might be my favorite was the Timmy Goes Bang.
Well, I think that was the title.
It was so funny...
They were all playing outside and it started raining...
So of course, they came in..
Long story short, they had buckets for the rain leaks and that in turn lead to a "jam session" with the teacher and the classmates!
Way to turn a scary situation (the kids were scared of the rain and different noises) into a fun time by all!!!

There are bonus features on here, but we have not checked them out yet.
I will tell you, Broxton enjoyed it and I loved laughing watching him!!!

Don't forget, it comes out September 20th.
You can pre-order it now!!!

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  1. What a great opportunity to share the movie together!


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