W/W - A Boy in the Dirt

I got to thinking about it...
Living in an apartment, Broxton has never really had the chance to play in dirt...
Our playground isn't the best... So, we stick to the porch and plenty of cement!

About a month or so ago, Broxton got it in his head he really wanted to play in the dirt...

So, we went on the OTHER SIDE of our porch...
Hey, we don't have much to work with here!!!!
Then, daddy decided he wanted to clean it up a bit for Broxton to play in....
Now, we have a "construction zone!"
Then, daddy had to tell Broxton what each tractor did and they played in the dirt...
Broxton loved it!!! He would have stayed out there for hours!
A boy and his dirt!
Come back next week to see what we ended up doing!!!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL Grant loves the dirt as long as no creepy crawlies come out! He usually sticks to the rock on the driveway LOL

  2. aren't boys and dirt amazing!
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  3. Every boy has to play in the dirt sometime. :) So fun and cute!

  4. Too cute - who had more fun Broxton or Marc?


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