All Aboard! We Love Toy Trains... Do You?!

Just in time for the holidays!!!!
Broxton has a somewhat new obsession...
We have watched the DVD "I love toy trains" and he enjoyed it...
Now, it is an obsession.
He wants to watch it every single time he can.
To the point that he watched it more than once on our road trip this past weekend!

It really is pretty neat!
It shows you the toy trains...
Broxton enjoys it because it has trains loading up candy and stuff.
I like it that even though it talks about trains, they ask trivia...
Like they discuss Mount Rushmore, then ask you to remember who is carved in the side..

It is great for Broxton and I always smile as soon as he starts singing the All Aboard Song...
*Marc does too! Smile that is, not sing :)

If you have a lover of trains, Thomas or anything like that...
I know that they will be totally enthralled with the I Love Toy Trains Series...
Make sure to check it out!!!!
Between You and Me...
ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. my son loves this, especially big rock candy mountain
    nannypanpan at


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