A Must Have Gift for the Guy in Your Life : @shavewell Anti Fog Mirror

Marc is one of the hardest persons I know to buy for...
He never wants anything. When he does get something, it is normally because he "needs" it.
As in "needs" new shoes for work. "Needs" a coverall outfit for the freezing weather he works in.
See what I mean? It really is "need" for him.

When I heard of the Shave Well Anti Fog Mirror, I thought "this is a great gift idea" for Marc!!!!
I was able to review one and well, I went ahead and gave it to him early.
I told him to know it was a Christmas gift (I might still wrap the box as a reminder!) but I wanted and NEEDED to know how it worked.

The Mirror comes with a plastic protective cover on it.
You just peel it off and you are left with a mirror.
They include a hook for you to hang it up in the shower.

Marc wanted to place his under the shower head, so he made his own hanging thing, but that is very typical for him.
It was funny, I went to get a shower and when I stood under the shower head, I was shocked to see my self there! I had NO CLUE he had placed it in the bathroom already.

Marc has said that it hasn't fogged up on him yet...
(I haven't noticed it fogging when I am showering either.)

It really is pretty simple.
The directions are basic:
(I am summarizing it here for you!)
1- remove protective coating 2- press hook firm to allow good adhesion 3- run it under water to "warm it up" before using it.

If you think about it, it really is a great idea.
The steam/water allows the hair to lose its strength, making it easier to get closer to the surface. The steam/water opens the pores up.
Finally, less mess!
I know when Marc shaves, he dirties up the sink... (yes, he cleans it up, but I am saying... )
This way, it will wash down the drain as he shaves.
Remember, he shaves his HEAD, not just his face!!!!
So, if you have a man in your life that you need a great gift idea for, remember the Shave Well Anti-Fog Mirror!
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