Need a "Bathroom Book"? This surely Fits the Description!

Oh My Goodness!!!!
Okay, so I thought I was going to be reading a bathroom book...
As in the silly little humorous stories that most read while taking care of business.
Truth Be Told, I was looking to find something for my brother! ha ha ha

So, I get the "Roto Rooter : Chilling Tales from the Porcelain Seat " and I was in for a shock!
This isn't your average bathroom reader!
This is seriously... A BATHROOM READER.
It is a book written about different experiences IN THE BATHROOM!

I laughed when I read about the man that had a tree frog come out of the toilet and joined him "down there!"
I about puked when I read about some people calling about loosing their teeth...
Um, gross!!!

I did think it was SO COOL to read about the different roots that had grown into the pipes and caused blockage... The pictures just added to my being in Awe!!!!

I will admit, I guess working in a bar still stays with me, as I fell victim to the typical humor that is normally left to college guys and beer buds .... Talking about the "how to poop at work" dictionary of sorts...
It had me seriously laughing out loud!!!!

I am thinking that although it is nothing like what I was expecting, it will make a great gift!
If you are looking for a bit of an unusual gift to give this year...
Look no further, it doesn't get more unusual than this!!!!

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