The End of Molasses Classes - Book review

Have you heard of Ron Clark?
I heard of him a couple years ago...
I believe it was Oprah who brought him to the surface for all of us...   Well, I know it was Oprah for me...

Maybe I paid more attention because it took place in Atlanta... Maybe it was because I remember wishing that school was more interesting...
Either way, when I heard that there was a book titled, The End of Molasses Classes, by Ron Clark...
I knew I wanted to read it...
It was full of 101 idea's - "Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers."

I never gave it much thought, but he was able to summarize in two words what many of us can write about in paragraphs... MOLASSES CLASSES.
You know what I am talking about, unless you were lucky enough to have a teacher (or if you were really lucky, teacherS) like Ron Clark. 
Molasses Classes... they went SO SLOW... Slow as Molasses!

After reading this book, I tell you know... I would LOVE to go back to school... 
Yes, even middle and high ... If I knew I could go to a school like the Ron Clark Academy.

This book isn't about just TEACHING the kids...   This is about helping the kids succeed... 
This is a book... for EVERYONE.  The teachers, the students, the parents... the community! 

I will tell you, I did not sit down and read this book from start to finish... I flipped from here to there... back to this section, jumped over to that part...  Do you get what I am saying?  Basically, anyone can read it... and you can choose the way that is best suited for you!

In the beginning, you have the Contents...
In the contents, you have each area broken down into parts, and from there it is divided into sections.

Part One - RCA (Ron Clark Academy) Core Principles and Values.
Part Two - The Role of the Parent in the Success of the Child.
Part Three - Creating the Right Climate and Culture
Part Four - Reaching Out Beyond the Classroom

There were many parts that I would read and say, "oh this is my favorite section!" But then, I would read another section and say it all over again!  It grabbed me when in the very beginning Ron Clark says " NOT EVERY CHILD DESERVES A COOKIE."  Maybe you agree, maybe you don't... I personally do agree... If you give the kid everything all the time, how will they ever learn?  

As for the teachers... I do believe that if more teachers had a fire for teaching, the students would for sure have a fire for learning... Now, not every student... but I know that for me, nothing was worse than walking into a classroom knowing that the teacher was going to be at their desk doing a lecture all day... or we would be watching boring power point presentations...   I loved this:  "Teach the Students... Not the Board."

In here, Mr. Clark talks about never staying in the same place throughout class... Making eye contact with the students... getting parents involved (no "helicopter" parenting) but at least having communication with them.  

Not only does Mr. Clark write this book to help all of us that have the ability to impact the education of a child... He also adds several sections where he gives you pointers if you want to try something like this yourself... Example:  Instead of telling them to work hard to get a job, invite people of all different area's of the workforce in for them to learn about different professions... that might be what they need to make the light shine in their eyes and the drive to succeed and become.

Yes, I think that this is a great book... One that I will for sure be pulling out to flip through when Broxton starts school.  Just the fact that he brings so much energy and excitement to his school... Well, to be honest... I would LOVE to visit it!  (If I ever get there, I will let you know!)  Also, the book has several letters from family members singing the praises of the work Mr. Clark has done!  So, although I think he seems pretty cool, from reading his story, the family seems to seal the deal for me!

You can purchase your copy of The End Of Molasses Classes from several local retailers.  

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