They're That Good! @Guylian_Chocs #Giveaway

I love chocolate... Yes, I surely DO!
I would eat it pretty much all the time, but I know better...
I wish I was a fan of dark chocolate, as it is healthier for you...
But, I just can not do it... Something about it, just doesn't work for me...

That was until I tried the Guylian Dark Chocolate!
Wow.  They are that good!  How good is that?  So good that I am in love with their dark chocolate.
So good that the boys loved their dark chocolate.  So good that I normally pawn off the dark chocolate to Broxton or Marc (for me to eat more of the other, but this time, I was trying to decide how to limit what I would share!)

I was sent a generous amount of these beautiful creations, Guylian Chocolate...
Yes, I say beautiful creations, since it can not simply be called Chocolate.
It is Belgian Chocolate that is a piece of art as well.  Belgian Truffles!

I was surprised as to how pretty each piece was.  Then, the boys saw the chocolate!  We sampled, we tried to be patient, but it was so good that we were quickly taken away to a place of sheer enjoyment!  The boys were impressed with how they were shaped..Some were seahorses... Some were seashells... All were perfect!

The story of how Guylian got it's name is just as beautiful as the treat they represent.
Guy married the love of his life, Liliane... Joined in love, joined in work!
Each piece of this chocolate is from their original handcrafted recipe... Each piece made in small batches.  Each made in copper kettles... Each made in Belgium!

Now, as I said... this isn't your every day chocolate...
This is chocolate to be savored.  To be enjoyed.  To be celebrated....
That being said, there is nothing better than a "Sweet for your Sweet" this Valentines Day!

What will you win?!

-One winner (1) of the following products:
One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles 
Two - 6 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box
Four - 2 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. For the longest time I could never find this product anywhere then the lovely stores like Marshalls started carrying unique products, including his chocolate!!! Belgian chocolate has a different texture over all, but BY FAR this product, Guylian, is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE chocolate! Lucky you on the review!

    ... how do you enter the giveaway?

  2. We celebrate but on a small scale.

  3. We really do not celebrate it at all

  4. We usually celebrate small

  5. Well not really. For the first few years it was Chinese take out and watched a "Saw" movie... yeah SAW the gory ones LOL Now nuttin lol

  6. We celebrate small because in the past we have done big and well we want those days to be special. The Valentine's days in the past we had our "first" meeting and then another Valentine's Day a few yrs later was when we got engaged.

  7. Im a older person so I do for the grandkids only

  8. We don't typically celebrate, but maybe we will. arobimom at gmail dot com

  9. depends on sced.

  10. We celebrate small

  11. We celebrate my daughter's birthday...she's my lil' Valentine baby!

  12. We celebrate in a small way.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. big but as a family--valentine crafts and cook a special dinner (or brunch)

  14. We celebrate small. Just usually dinner & dessert, and exchange small gifts.

    (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter form)

  15. my husband I stay home and celebrate

  16. We celebrate in the middle - we make dinner together, and go out on a weekend when it isn't packed for v-day! Maija pinkmaija (at)

  17. I usually buy the boys favorite foods and pack them a special lunch!


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