So Lucky for the Photographs

I tell you, I posted the other day about being terrified three years ago...
But then, I never came back to tell you just how wonderful my life is now..
I know you know, but it is nice to think back.

Three years ago, I am a first time mom.
Hubby is deploying.
I am scared.  But, I am so blessed.
I was there, for so many of his firsts...
and I am so thankful.

I remember going in for my C-Section....
I remember Broxton being born, but then... I did not hear him crying, so I started crying...
Marc could not figure out what was wrong with me, so I was freaking out about not hearing him cry, he assured me that he was crying and all was okay.
Then, they showed me my baby.  All was right in the world, except... I wanted to hold him first, and Marc was the one showing him to me!  See, the little things had me all emotional that day!  Ha ha ha.
I saw the loves of my life... The best things that have ever happened to me...

Long story short...  I knew then and there, life for me had changed.
I was finally taken back to my room...
Broxton in my arms... I knew then, I had never, ever known a love like the one I was holding.
Then, lets kick it up a notch and add a bit of excitement...
TORNADO WATCH!  Yes, time to wheel us out in the hallway!
Are you kidding me?  Nope, not a chance...
So, here we are hanging out in the hallway... Good times...

I will say it again... Looking at Broxton, I just saw LOVE.
After things settled down that night, I spoke to one of my best friends in Ohio.
All I could tell her was there was no way to describe this feeling...
It was simply put "love"  I cried and cried and was completely amazed.

As the days passed, I soaked up each second I could of Marc and Broxton.
I would watch as Marc just laid there staring at Broxton. I would not even try to think of the thoughts going through his head... I mean, here he was, laying there at his newborn baby, preparing for deployment!
I tried to give them time to each other, but at the same time, I was a mom.  For the first time!  I was loving it.

Lucky for me, my mom came to help me the week after Marc left...
At that point, we had friends over and once again, I knew I was blessed.
Friends and family are everything to me and I have it all.

It has been three years since those first terrifying days...
I have had the honor to be a mommy to the sweetest baby boy I know...
Watching as he learns new things...   Each day is a new discovery and I am so lucky he lets me be a part of it!  We have had the time to share as he learned to roll over, heard his laugh for the first time, learning to walk and talk.  Letting him pick out his clothes.  Watching as he always picks out the kidorable rainboots to wear.  We have learned our letters, numbers, colors and shapes... But each day is more.
I love watching as he and daddy explore new things.  As he continues to grow into a wonderful young man that will eventually be to grown to give me kisses and proclaim that he wants to marry me, as he loves me with all of his heart!

For now, I will soak up every minute and try to remember to keep taking photographs, as those can always bring me back to when he was just so little....


  1. What a sweet post and a wonderful blessings! :-)
    Great to hear from you! Wanted to let you know I have a like page on Facebook making it easier to stay in touch with everyone. If interested here is the link


  2. I just heart you so much! I'm glad you felt such a burst of love when he was born. It's just so amazing, isn't it? You've got a wonderful family!

  3. Hey, this post is totally adorable. Hats off and my total respect to you military families. What you do for our country is amazing!

  4. Tornado watch!!!! lol

    What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing and happy (late) birthday to Broxton!

    Children are a blessing!


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