Near South Georgia? @WWE #Smackdown Headed to Albany

I am so excited and you just have no idea!
I have blogged before about how we are WWE fans in this house...
Well, get this...   Last time I was back home, I was told that the WWE would be headed to my hometown!
What?  Albany, Georgia?  The Good Life City?  (Home of Paula Deen, Luke Bryan, Deion Branch, Nancy Lopez, Ray Stevens, Ray Charles, Buster Posey and More!!!!)

So, I found out that the WWE was headed here...  It is Smackdown... The Road to Wrestlemania!
I really wanted to go, but I just could not justify a road trip down there right now...
BUT, now I can... We are headed to Smackdown!!!!!
It has been a LONG time since wrestling was in my hometown... I remember going when I was younger, but that was ages ago!
Image from WWE
I am just so excited that WWE Smackdown is headed our way!!!!
Okay, let me tell you this...
We took the boys to WWE events in Atlanta...
The Georgia Dome holds around 71,000.....
Phillips Arena holds around 18,000....
The Civic Center in Albany holds around 10,000.
Talk about a closer experience, no matter where you are sitting ;)
I am so excited and if you live anywhere near Albany... Are wrestling fans or anything like that...
Just head on over to the Albany Civic Center Box Office  and order your tickets now!
Can March 3rd get here faster, please?!

Side note, I tried to look up a few places that Albany was sort of close to.
There really wasn't anything on their websites, so they might want to take note and make a change to that...
Talk about a way to attract visitors...
But anyways, after a bit of research:

Here are a few area's close to Albany... 

(Thanks to for helping on that!)

Atlanta, GA to Albany - 186 miles
Macon, GA to Albany - 110 miles
Columbus, GA to Albany - 86 miles

Tallahassee, FL to Albany - 88 miles
Dothan, AL to Albany - 84 miles

So- Remember...
Albany, Georgia... 
WWE Smackdown 
Saturday, March 3rd at 7:30

See you there!!!
Come back afterwards to see pictures from our time there!!!!!!!
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