We are Loving our Pantone: Colors book from @AbramsAppleseed

When you are teaching your children colors, do you sit there and work with all the different hues?
Or do you just work with the primary colors?
I know with Broxton, we started with the basics, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Once he knew those, we started pointing out different shades of the colors.  
See that orange car?  But then, he would argue that was not orange, as it wasn't the color he had learned!
We tried to explain that there was more than one shade of a color, no matter if we were looking in books, riding down the street or coloring on the porch.

Recently, I was sent a book that I knew was going to be great to work with Broxton!
It is the Pantone : Colors from Abrams Appleseed!
Now, let me tell you about this...
I actually added it to the gift bag for Broxton's birthday this past weekend.
Well, as soon as he opened it, his friend Garret grabbed it and started to have "school" going through all the colors!  I thought it was cute and that it was a hit...
UNTIL Garrets daddy saw it.    You see, Mark (with a K, not daddy Marc)  works for a sports logo company.  He saw it and was immediately hooked into it.  No, he did not take the book away from the kids, but as soon as it was placed down... He snatched it up and started exploring.  He thought it was the neatest book and wanted to know where to order one... 
If you are wondering, just click on the PANTONE : COLORS link to order yours... 
This book covers 9 colors... and each color has 20 shades.  
Yes, we know that is just a VERY small number compared to the Pantone scale, but this is a board book geared to the 0-5 age group.  Let's don't over load them... Yet!  

I really love how the book has a monochromatic color on one side... then the page opposite the picture has the other shades of that color.  It also has the Pantone numbers and the color name in the box with it.  This book has been spotted in the hands of Broxton daily!!!
I highly recommend it for all houses.. I mean, who doesn't love colors?!  

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