Brain Strong Reformulated Their Gummies!!!!!!!!!!

(I could not take them, nor could Broxton because of the smell/taste...)
Well, get this.. We weren't the only ones!
They have released a "New Great Tasting Formula!"  
Now, I would not say they are great tasting, as that is still for candy.. 

but, they are much improved!
Broxton can take them with no problem, as can I.. 


I thought that was pretty great!!!!
Just wanted to share the great news with you!  
(Yes, they sent us the new flavored ones to see if we thought they were better.)



BrainStrong Kids (for ages 3+), is the first DHA-plus-multivitamin in a great tasting citrus-flavored gummy that helps support your child’s brain development and function.* Just one BrainStrong Kids gummy contains 100 mg of life'sDHA™, the same safe, natural, premium DHA brand found in 99% of all infant formula sold in the U.S. BrainStrong Kids contains more DHA than any other over-the-counter kids supplement or vitamin.

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