The Playdate Was Hard To Put Down

Have you ever picked up a book and had the hardest time putting it down?
That was the case with me when I was reading The Playdate by Louise Millar.

I mean, you look at the cover of it and see " You leave your kid with a friend, everyone does it, until the day it goes wrong."  Wow... that right there kinda sucks you in and you just have to keep reading it to see where it is going...

This book is about a girl, Callie and her best friend Suzy.  More than best friends, they are also neighbors.  
As the book starts, you see that it takes place in London... With references to "the telly" and of  "tea."

You quickly learn that Suzy is a mom of three young kids and that Callie is a mother to one little girl....  Their children go to school together and it is as though the other mothers in the school are not very friendly towards Callie, as well as her daughter Rae.  We also learn that Rae has a heart condition that causes more concern for her to not get too excited....
As the book continues, we read about their new neighbor Debs and she is full of issues as well.  Seems as though the neighborhood is full of them.
The Playdate rotates from the view of one of the three women throughout with short chapters full of excitement.  I did notice that I was reading super fast to get to the next page to see what was ahead.  At a few times, I caught myself wanting to skip over to see if I could figure it out, but I would not allow myself to ruin the book and do that, so I just read at every chance I had!

Literally, I started around lunch one day and read at every opportunity, went to sleep and woke up to read the last couple chapters before Broxton woke.  
I was very impressed with Louise Millar and if her writing stays this way, I have found a new author to start following.  

I even told my mom that she needs to check it out... I know she would enjoy reading it, but I did go ahead and warn her, there is use of the ever so popular f-bomb in there... not as bad as others I have read, but I did want her to know... (You too.)

If you are one that is in a book club, I say check it out.. 
It is not a book " for moms," but rather a book that will make anyone turn the page as fast as they can!!
Not to mention, they also have the "discussion questions" at the end to allow you to converse about it when you have finished.  

To go ahead and grab your attention for the next book by Millar, they have also added the first 2 chapters of her next book.  I have not read that yet, as I wanted to go ahead and get this book review posted for you...

Sound like something you would be interested in reading? 

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  1. I love books where you can't stop reading! I've been caught in too many where I trudge my way through.

  2. Nice review...I'm looking for a good,quick book right now! Like Liz above, I have a few half read, that I just kind of put aside, didn't finish.


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