Ripley's Unbelievable Stories for Guys

If the guy in your life is anything like mine... 
(Husband, Daddy and Brother... all alike!)

You would love to check out Ripley's Unbelievable Stories for Guys.

I will tell you this, I think all that Ripley's stuff is pretty neat, so I knew that I wanted to read the book, even if it was "for guys."  As soon as it arrived, I was eager to check it out, but I felt bad looking at it before giving it to Marc.  So, once again... another "early fathers day gift."  
He was immediately drawn into reading it and 79 pages later, he decided to put it down!  
No complains from my end as I quickly snatched it up and started reading through it all.

Now, this book is different from other of Ripley's books...  
It is smaller in size (more like a tablet) than other books.

Also, there are no pictures.  

Here are the contents:

Sports and Games
Crime and Laws
Natural World
Digital and Technical
The Arts

This totally is geared towards guys:  
There is a section about the most expensive cars... undesirable jobs and even movies that flopped.

I like how you have a mixture of short stories that tell "unbelievable stories" and then you also have a page with just stats on it... They have even added in a section of famous last words and other neat things!!!

I personally liked learning that there is a road in Lancaster, California that has a pattern of grooves cut into it.  When you drive over it at 50 mph, it plays the William Tell Overture.  Now, I never knew that before, but you can guarantee that I would love to go there... Also, in South Korea, there is a road that keeps drivers awake by playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb!"    Seriously, did you know that?!

I am not a guy, but this was a pretty cool book. (Yes, I flipped through and read the whole thing... Marc can have it back now!)

If you are looking for a great gift for a guy that already has everything... Or you need a neat Fathers Day gift...   I would recommend Ripley's Unbelievable Stories for Guys!

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  1. It's good to find something for the men. They think we are hard to shop for and so we think of them :)


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