Looking for a One of a Kind Gift? @makeaball Is It

If you are looking for a gift that is really personal and one of a kind.. 
Make a Ball is the place to start looking!!!!  I heard about them and just had to go and visit their site.
I was immediately impressed, so I had to email to see if we might have a chance to work together.
Luckily, we did and now I get to share with you...   

Make a Ball is a custom company that takes images that you provide and they make a sports ball for you.
We had the chance to review their Football and I surprised Marc with his Fathers Day gift a bit early.
He was totally shocked and went on and on about how cool it was!  All he could talk about was how much he loved it and it was an original idea having a football with a personal photo on it and not just a stock image.  We even had to show it to my dad and he thought it was pretty neat as well!
Marc's Fathers Day Present.  ALL his boys :)
I took the ball to show to the people that work for the hometown  arena football team, I thought it would be awesome if they could offer them as items for sale.. I know that it would look great with the team football picture on one side with their record on the other.  She took down the information and said that it was a great idea and she would pass it along to the ones that make those decisions... 

I also had to show it to my aunt.. She is a die-hard team mom for her sons football team.  She said that when football season starts back next year, she will show them to the other moms...  I love that you can order several or just one.. there is no limit on quantity to place an order!!!  Guess what... You can get the team photo on one side and then an individual picture of your player on another... 
There are so many options that they have.
So, don't worry if you are not a football fan.. 
They have baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball and they can even do a hockey puck!!!

Image Credit: Make - A - Ball

You first need to head to their site.. 
Then, click on the GET STARTED button.  
Next up, click on your layout and then upload and arrange the picture the way you want it.

It takes about a month for production, so make sure you order in advance... or you can print out the site and wrap that up!  

With Fathers Day almost here.. 
I say, take a photo of your dad with his kids.. Or your hubby with your kids..  Or your dad/hubby and their siblings.. or.. Well, you get the picture! Take the photo on Fathers Day and then tell them they will get their gift later, that you had to capture the best moment... 
(That is also helpful for those of you that have no clue what to get... get this.. everyone wins!)

When my brother was younger, he played t-ball and then little league.  
I think this would be a great way to display the team photo!  
You could put the team photo on one panel... then the year and team name on the other..
You know how you buy the package and then after that year, you shove the photo in a drawer or behind the next year?  This way, you can buy a little baseball display case and have them all right there... 
I can not WAIT until Broxton starts playing sports and we can do this for him!!!!

I am really pleased with Make-A-Ball and I can not wait to use them again!  
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