Cheesier, Creamier, Yummier - Taste Test Accepted! #Giveaway

I don't know if "Mac - N - Cheese" has a love or hate relationship at your house, but around here, it is as great as candy!  Meaning, as long as I can remember, everyone I know has loved Mac-n-Cheese!!!!
I can remember as a child, my Nana would make it for dinner...
Now, Broxton orders it from time to time when we go out to eat and of course, ALL the boys (including Marc) enjoy Mac-N-Cheese whenever it is offered up.  Come to think of it, I can not think of any family meal get-together (like Christmas or Thanksgiving) where it wasn't a side item!  Wow!
That being said, I saw that there was an opportunity for us to take a Taste Test Challenge on Mac-N-Cheese and I was so excited to give it a try! When the "taste test" arrived, I was excited, but also a bit disappointed.  (Selfish... Just hold on and you will see where this is going)  I was looking forward to trying all the different ones out, but I was not looking forward to cooking 4 boxes of Mac-n-Cheese to give this test a go!  Now, the reason I was disappointed... They sent 2 boxes of "shell"macaroni and then 2 boxes of the "fun" ones... Broxton loves the fun ones, as it is entertaining to him (I guess, not really sure why he loves them... but he does.)  I personally do not like them.  It might just be me, but I feel as though my noodles aren't so cheesy when I have the fun designs... It might all be in my head, but that is why I don't by them, unless Broxton sees them and asks for them.
So- on to the test...
I labeled the boxes A, B, C and D.
I then had post it notes going by the pots (A-D)  once the noodles were cooked, I then moved the finished product into a bowl and then stuck the post it note on the bowl (moving it from the pot.)  That way, I had the boxes in the kitchen labeled and the finished product on the bowl on the table.  No lie, I was a bit nervous I was either going to be biased because I remembered what brand was what letter... Or, I was going to mess up my labeling and mix it all up.

After getting everything ready, it was time to chow down. Broxton did not want to share his, as he had to be worried Mac-N-Cheese was never going to be offered again, with the amount we had!

Marc kept going back and forth having to taste them all.
I was quick to notice that one had a lighter color than the other and I was nervous as to the "fun shaped" ones... Please let them be good, remember, I am not usually a fan.

So- Who won?
I personally enjoyed B the best... Marc was all about C.    Leave it to him to like the fun shapes... While I was digging into the shells!  Broxton kept trying to inhale whatever he could get his spoon into!
At first, Marc was singing praises about B, "It is creamier!  It is cheesier" but when he ultimately had to decide the best out of all 4... He kept talking about how he could not make that decision... He kept going back and forth over and over again... Then, he said if he "had to choose" it would be C!  

A- Competitor Shells and Cheese
B- Back to Nature Shells and Cheese
C- Back to Nature Crazy Bugs
D- Competitor Shaped

Now, who would like to take the Taste Test Challenge?
Three Lucky Readers will win a Taste Test Package to try at your house!!!!

Back to Nature is providing the products for this program at no cost to me for review.

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  1. we eat it for lunch and as a side dish for dinner, makes great side dish when I serve hot dog for lunch.

  2. It sounds great! Both version of Back to Nature sound great!

  3. We eat it for lunch
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  4. We usually eat Mac and cheese at lunchtime.

  5. I sometimes serve it for dinner, when we are busy.

  6. I like it for lunch.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. We usually have it as a side dish at dinner, but last night I made a pot as a late-night snack because of a pregnancy craving...

  8. For lunch or dinner with chopped up hot dogs.

  9. We use Mac-N-Cheese as a side dish for dinner.

  10. We have it for lunch or dinner. For dinner it is great with chicken or pork chops and a salad.

  11. We have it for lunch with tuna mixed in or for dinner with fish sticks.

  12. I sometimes eat it at supper.

  13. We eat it for lunch. We haven't had some for a long time. You are making me hungry!


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