Hot or Cold Outside, I want @TalentiGelato In My Freezer

I have to tell you something...
At one point in my life, I thought people that ate ice cream (OR ANY COLD TREAT) during the cold season were just crazy!!!  I was visiting one of my best friends in Utah and we had been enjoying the day doing all the touristy things... We went to Park City and other attractions... I had never seen much snow, so I was in awe.  Then, they had the wise idea to stop for ice cream. 
Who eats Ice Cream in cold weather?  Well, I guess it really wasn't that weird... and now, cold treats are wonderful if it is below freezing or hot as hades...

That being said, I was checking out the aisle of frozen deliciousness and spotted Talenti Gelato
The packaging was plain... yet totally inviting.   It was a clear container with a lid.  What was inside was written on the clear container... and they get you with that... because you can look and see the treat from the outside..

I was lucky enough to try it out... and wow...
I have never had pistachio (besides the nut) so I wanted to try theirs out...
I had some that night (OH MY GOODNESS... if you have never had any, let me tell you... Must have NOW!)  I actually tweeted about how I was getting ready to enjoy.  I later noticed a friend of mine favorited it.  I sent a text to see why... come to find out.. she is a huge fan! (More on that later) 
She said since I was a  Talenti newbie that I just had to try the Sea Salt Caramel and the Banana Chocolate Swirl.  Don't tell me twice!  I headed to Kroger (it was on sale there) and grabbed both...

Okay, let me start by telling you the Sicilian Pistachio is amazing.  It is sweet, without being too sweet... and it is a sweet that normally only chocolate can satisfy... but nope, it has competition now!
Up next, Belgian Milk Chocolate.  Oh My word... It was awesome!  It literally tasted like I was hanging out in Belgium with someone slowly hand feeding me the milk chocolate.  Just as soon as it begins to melt in your mouth, you grab another spoonful and you are right back where you started. 
Caramel Cookie Crunch is also another good one.. You are swept up with how deliciously smooth and wonderful the gelato is.. and then BOOM! Surprise, lets mix it up with a bite of cookie for you!
We also tried the  Banana Chocolate Swirl.... As I said, my friend loved it, but I was not that impressed... Don't get me wrong, if you offer it, I will eat it.. but I would not go and buy it... It was good, but after eating the others, it left me wanting more...
That leads me to the Sea Salt Caramel.... Talk about a favorite!  Yes, it is! 
Oh.  How.  I.  Love.  It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What would be the flavor to try if you wanted to pick one up for the first time?
I say the Sea Salt Caramel or the Belgian Milk Chocolate. 
I love ya and all, but if it was down to one of those two flavors being the last in the store, I just might have to fight you for it!   Just sayin...

Let me know if you have tried it.. or when you try it out...
Trying to see what flavor to try next!!!

Oh, remember when I said that I had more on that later, about my friend that is a huge fan...
Well, come to find out, they are getting ready to open a Talenti Factory not to far from me.... I learned that from her!  So... Now, I need to try and find a way to get a tour.. and a chance to try out ALL of the flavors :)  She mentioned she would love if they had taste tours open to the public... I would absolutely LOVE if they did something like that!!!!

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  1. Pistachio gelato, what?! Sounds dreamy!!

  2. Ya know, I don't think I have ever had Gelato, looks like I am missing out! I'd love to get my hands on some of that Belgian Milk Chocolate!

  3. I love Pistachio pudding, but pistachio gelato, I havent but it sure sounds delicious!!!! yum


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