Western Chief for Your Rain Gear! #holidaygiftguide

Broxton is a huge fan of rain boots.
It does NOT matter if there is rain in the forecast or not, he just loves them.
I saw Western Chief and I was so excited.
I immediately had to email them to see if I might have a chance to work with them.
Image Credit: Western Chief

Want to know why I was so eager to work with them?
Well, for starters, I loved the selection of rain boots!
But, the first thing that caught my attention... they had fleece liners to go in the boots!  If you remember, the year we had snow and ice... we really were not prepared... Broxton did not have gloves and his boots were just the rain boots....   (To be honest, I never thought about fleece lining, until I saw this on their site!)

Well, I emailed to see if we might have an opportunity to work together and I was so extremely happy when we received an response that said YES!! Then, Broxton got sick and missed a week of school.  No, he wasn't contagious or anything,  but he was sick and I was not going to send him in for the teachers to have to care for him...   I was so excited that the package arrived when he was sick. 
For me as a mom, nothing is worse than my baby being sick and me not being able to make him feel all better... We had planned on giving the boots to him as part of his Christmas, but I was crossing my fingers that they would put a smile back on his face!!!!
Western Chief has such a wide collection... They have boots from Hello Kitty for your little princess to Spiderman for your superhero!!!!  As soon as I saw that they had Fireman boots, I knew that was what we were going to need!!!
Let me tell you, Broxton wasn't the only one smiling when we opened that box up! 
Image Credit: N. Vision Photography

They sent him the rain boots of his dreams (I love that they have loops on the top to help pull them on)  they sent him so much more!  It was like they knew he was under the weather (no pun intended) and they wanted to make him feel better too!
Western Chief sent the COOLEST rain jacket!!!!
It matches his boots as far as the Fireman theme... but get this...
Image Credit: N. Vision Photography
It lights up!!! Yes, where the lights are on the fire truck, they actually flash on his jacket!  (Not to mention we love that they even put a little flag on the sleeve!) 
He immediately had to put the outfit on and his smile was bright enough to light up a room! 
Since we received the package from Western Chief, we have had so much fun...
He has worn his boots around the house, pretending that he was a fireman once, a football player another..   He has a very active imagination!
He was lucky enough to wear the jacket to school and was so excited to be able to do so! 
He also received a rain umbrella.  I think that it is just too cute to see him in all of his rain gear!!!!
I know that he will get plenty of wear out of this, as he doesn't need rain to sport his style! 

Image Credit : N. Vision Photography
Image Credit: N. Vision Photography

Aren't they just too cute?  
If you are looking for the cutest rain gear for your younger ones...
Please be sure to visit Western Chief Kids.

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  1. I know I little boy that would love these too.

  2. We have some similar. They are cute!

  3. we have the thomas raincoat..and my son loves it


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