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If you know anything about our house, it is that most people have a hard time sleeping in our family.
Broxton has fought his sleep ever since he was born (still does at times) and then Marc... Well, he has always had trouble sleeping, as long as I have known him... My mom is another one..
So, when I heard of Dream Water, I knew it would be worth a shot.
No... before you freak out, I did not get this for my child, I thought it was worth Marc trying.

I originally wanted my mom to try it, as she has a hard time going to sleep and then most always wakes up during the night... But, when I found out about this, she was on a new medication the doctor wanted her to try, so we thought it was best not to add this to a sleeping pill. 

I gave Marc one and told him to just drink the whole thing.
(They are small, only like 2.5 ounces) 
The thing is, they say some people drink half of it before bed... and then if they have a habit of waking up during the night, they drink the other half then, to help them drift back off to sleep...  I figured Marc is hard to get to go to sleep, so it would be best to give him the whole bottle. 
He tried the Paradise PM  and said that there was very little pineapple flavor, it was more or less a hint of it..  He was still wide awake later, but did note that he felt a bit relaxed. 
A couple days later, he tried the nighTea night (lemon flavor) and that again, it left him relaxed, but not sleepy.

I can not say that this does not work... but I can say that it does not work for him.
He is one of the more extreme cases, so I wasn't sure of it to begin with...

I do believe that Dream Water is for those that do not have known cases of insomnia, but it best for those that are just looking for a little help in relaxing for a good nights rest. 
Dream Water is made of  GABA, MELATONIN and 5HTP   The ingredients in Dream Water are natural, so that made me feel better giving them to Marc, versus more chemicals!

If you want to try out Dream Water for yourself, just head over to their website to request a Free Bottle.  Yes, you will pay $2.49 shipping/handling,  but really, if it helps you to have a more restful sleep, isn't it worth it?

You can follow Dream Water on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. As an occasional insomnia sufferer...I must check this out.

  2. Being relaxed is good! I should give my husband some.


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