Family Night : Dragons Tour @RinglingBros

For the past several years, we have been so lucky to have been able to take Broxton to the circus.  It was great for us, as it was right around his birthday, so it was sort of our "birthday celebration" for Broxton.  Last year, they mentioned that the circus coming our way the follow year was the "DRAGONS" event ... after seeing The Torres Family in their sphere on their bikes the first year to really enjoying the Ring Master, Johnathan Lee Iverson, we were eager to see the Dragons Tour

As with each Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show, they have the "pre-show" event an hour before show time... We actually did not make it this year, as we were running late, but they seemed to have added more to it...   We noticed a bounce house of sorts and plenty of clown action too!!!!
Pre-Show Events
More Pre-Show Events
 After everyone took their seats, we were all ready for The Greatest Show On Earth!!!!!  
Of course, before the show started, we had already purchased our circus popcorn... I don't think any show is complete without it to Broxton.  I do think that I have a picture of him enjoying the popcorn each year, so we had to continue with that for his new photo!!!!
Once the show started, we were in for fun!!!!
I love when the RingMaster comes out, as that is when the whole feel of the circus becomes real... and then of course, I LOVE the elephant that comes out with the flag...  
Ring Master, Johnathan Lee Iverson
Ringling Bros Intro
 This particular tour had the Ring Master's side kick ... (Sorry, don't know what he is called) wanting to see a Dragon.. but he has to show that he has the Wisdom, Strength, Heart and Courage...  There are several "tribes" that do this, but I got the impression he had to show it too...   With each attribute shown, you see Dragons.. but this little side kick wanted to see a "real" dragon.

The show opens with horses... it was beautiful, and entertaining.. but I felt like it drug on a bit too long for me.. although, Broxton loved it.  They could have shortened it a bit and I would not have missed it....   They also had one part that they had a "three ring circus" of sorts.. Mini Ponies in one.. dogs in the middle and cats on the end... Now, personally for me... I felt as though that was a bit too much!  I was on overload!!!! I loved it... but I could not figure out where to focus.. as I was watching the cat, Marc would tell me to look at the dogs... I would watch the dogs and Broxton would point out the mini ponies/donkeys in the other...    I would have LOVED to have seen those separate and maybe cut out the length on the horses... but I do know, where I feel this way, there are others that would totally disagree with me! 

I was so excited to see the Torres family.  We saw them 2 years ago and I loved it...   They all ride bikes and end up in this sphere... closed in together!!!    It is AWESOME and this year they had 8 in there at one time!  Not sure HOW they fit in there.. but they did... and it is great!!!!  

Of course, we had the shows in the air (including one part where these girls were suspended by their HAIR.  Yes, you read that right.. HAIR!)  and elephants, tigers and lions...

Make sure you come back this week for a couple more pictures as I show you more from our circus trip!!!!  We had a great time and Broxton will tell you he once again loved the circus the most!!!

If you have Ringing Bros. and Barnum & Bailey headed your way, make sure you check them out!!!  

***** We received complimentary tickets for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are mine. 


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