The Red Hen

We were sent a cute DVD from Scholastic Storybook Treasures.
The Red Hen - A Read Along DVD.
I was not really sure what it meant by " More cooking stories" so I wanted to watch it and see what it was all about.  It started off with The Red Hen making a cake... Broxton thought that was a pretty good show... but then I really liked the show where they explained all about bread...
The best to Broxton was Arnie the Doughnut!  I will say, his excitement while watching this show made me smile, so I will agree... it was cute... I was wondering how they were going to play it out.. (It is a doughnut that had no clue that doughnuts were made to be eaten and I was curious how they were going to make it kid friendly versus scary when he was eaten! )
The bonus at the end were the directions to make a cake with the Red Hen!!!
THE RED HEN (Written and illustrated by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley, narrated by Walter Mayes) Filled with humor and sparkling illustration, this is the classic story of Red Hen and her adventures in baking.

BREAD COMES TO LIFE (Written and illustrated by George Levenson, narrated by Lily Tomlin) Watch each step of how to bring bread to life, from the sowing of the seeds to the shaping and baking of the bread dough.

HOW DO DINOSAURS EAT THEIR FOOD? (Written and narrated by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague) These mischievous dinosaurs show that burping, spilling and playing with one’s food are not the best ways to enjoy a meal.

ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT (Written and illustrated by Gerald McDermott, narrated by Michael McKean) When Mr. Bing buys Arnie in a doughnut shop, Arnie realizes he must persuade Mr. Bing that a doughnut can be more than just a sweet snack.

DVD Features — 4 Stories Plus: Easy-to-Follow Recipe for Simply Splendid Cake; Read-Along

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  1. My boys love books that come with a DVD or CD. They work great for road trips!

    Did you try the recipe yet?

  2. It is actually just a DVD that has the writing on the bottom of the screen. We loved that, so that we could read the words together..

  3. I've never seen a read-along-DVD, I agree it's a great concept!


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