Rekindle that Flame - Dejamor Gift Subscription #Giveaway

If you are at a loss as to a great gift to give the love of your life...
Look no further than the gift of Dejamor.
Dejamor is a monthly gift service that helps get the creative juices flowing for romance and intimacy!  Hello!  Of course, that sounds awesome... So you know we wanted to try it out! 

Up first, there is no need to worry when you order about being embarrassed about the packaging or return address.  Nothing to give away your private plans! 
To be honest, when the box came, I had no clue what was in there, so I had to open and check it out as soon as I was able!  This was what I saw:
Now, Marc has been out of town doing his military duty, so we have yet to enjoy the contents..
I will tell you, the box for my eyes had a couple items to get the time going!  I wanted to look and see what was in Marc's box... but, I knew that was not the way it was to go... So, I have placed both items in the box to wait for Marc to return....  
The idea behind Dejamor is to keep the love and intimacy going. 
Each month you will have a package delivered to you... Inside the box will have 2 smaller boxes.  One box is or HIM, the other for HER.  Once that is taken care of, you have "prompts" to help you get the romance creativity going...

Each box has notes and items to help you plan a very intimate moment between the two of you... Just a way to show your love and appreciation!  Dejamor can be used to recharge and rekindle that fire... Or it can be used as a way to keep the romance and intimacy going.  There is no wrong or right couple... and no right or wrong reason to order a box! 
(If you don't think you need/want one... you can totally order a gift subscription and give it to a friend!)

If you are interested in trying out Dejamor...
Today is your lucky day!!!!  One lucky reader of Jumpin Beans is going to win a gift subscription to Dejamor!  ($136 value)

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  1. My worst Valentine's Day moment...I can honestly say I haven't had a bad V-Day! I've had funny ones- my boyfriend burnt the heck out of his finger trying to cook for me our first V-Day!!

  2. I went to go pick my girlfriend up for our date and I accidentally hit a cop car!

  3. I also just wanted to say thanks for hosting this giveaway! I am addicted to subscription boxes but this one seems a little $, but would love to try this with my boyfriend! We need a little spicing up - going on 5+ years!!

  4. I can't recall a bad valentine's day. This would be great to try since we've been married 7 years.

  5. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day anymore since it was the last time I saw my fiance 11 years ago before he passed away suddenly. My husband understands why I don't celebrate and we have other special days we celebrate together.

  6. I guess my worst Valentine's moment has to be not having a Valentine! I've never dated anyone on the actual day until two years ago when my boyfriend and I had our first one!
    So excited about this giveaway, thank you!


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