Hide Em and Hatch Em - Love the Results

I normally have a camera with me at all times...
But of course, the time I really wish I had it...
It was no where near me!
Image - Amazon

We were sent the Hide Em and Hatch Em eggs for review.
(I put two up for Easter surprise, but I went ahead and gave Broxton one now.)
What exactly is a Hide Em and Hatch Em egg?
Just the cutest thing ever.....

You can order the eggs from Amazon ... and when it arrives, it is a package of 3 eggs.  There is a yellow, a green and a pink egg included.  You are to place the egg in water (enough so that it covers the entire egg) and then you wait for them to hatch.  Of course, the excitement of it all was too much for Broxton.  He placed the egg in the water and had to watch it... he wanted to carry the cup of water everywhere with him, in case it were to hatch.  I finally had to put a lid on it, as he was so concerned over it..  At one point, I noticed he even had it covered up, trying to keep it warm to hatch!!!!
We eventually moved it to the bathroom counter... and kept on waiting.
When he noticed that the egg was hatching, you should have seen his face!  It was full of excitement and wonder!!!!   I wish I could have captured that image... it was really priceless!!!
Image - N. Vision Photography
It was absolutely adorable.. It was like a real egg cracking and a little surprise inside!
When his opened, he had the chicken.  He has since named it "Broxton's little pet chicky"   Yeah, my kid and his creativity of names!  He loves that little chick!  So much that he had to take it to school the next day to show his teacher!!!!

So- If you are looking for a great gift idea... ( and lets get serious here for a minute... )
This does not need to be "just for Easter" ... this is a great gift for any day...  Talk about putting the biggest smile on your kids face!!!!  

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  1. These are great. My son thinks like your son when it comes to naming things. Our fish is Fishy Fish, and oh he loves him so. ;)

    Happy Easter!


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