Scientist In The House.... Sid the Science Kid

We love Sid the Science Kid in this house...  "Scientist in the House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
They are now releasing a Sid the Science Kid MOVIE!!!!!
This movie is going to be released for purchase on April 2nd...   So it is perfect timing to take along for any road trips you have planned for this summer!
The movie is being released on DVD April 2nd, but we get to watch it before then!!!!
March 25th brings a sneak peak for us on PBS... and then encore presentations on March 29th and March 31st...   I am not sure what time it comes on in your area, but it is on at 11:30 am here (I already set our reminder for it!)
See what all is happening:

Select PBS stations across the U.S. will be hosting Sid-themed movie premiere events with hands-on educational activities throughout the month of March. Participating stations include KPTS/Wichita, WPBS/Watertown, WSRE/Pensacola, WYES/New Orleans, WEDU/Tampa, Mississippi Public Broadcasting/Jackson, WGTE/Toledo, KLRN/San Antonio, WYCC/Chicago, WFYI/Indianapolis, KUED/Salt Lake City, KNPB/Reno, Louisiana Public Broadcasting/Baton Rouge, PBS SoCal/Los Angeles, KACV/Amarillo, WNET/New York, WTCI/Chattanooga, WFSU/Tallahassee, WXXI/Rochester, WFWA/Fort Wayne and WHYY/Philadelphia. Select events will include meet and greets with Sid the Science Kid, red carpet arrivals and presentations by real scientists! To learn more go to: .
Additionally, NCircle Entertainment is sponsoring more fun events for kids and families at children’s museums in over 20 cities across the U.S. in March and April. The venues include: National Children’s Museum (Washington) 3/20-3/30,  Fernbank Science Center (Atlanta) 4/6, Discovery Museum Science & Space Center (Sacramento) 4/6-4/7, Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh) 4/13, Pacific Science Center (Seattle) 4/14, Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas) 4/7. More information is available at

Sid the Science Kid: The Movie follows Sid and his friend Gabriela through their adventure in The Super Ultimate Science Museum. After winning a science contest in the “Junior Investigator” category for creating an awesome science experiment, Sid and Gabriela are awarded a special inside look at the new museum before it opens to the public.  Once there, they meet quirky scientist Dr. Bonabodon, voiced by guest-star Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), who has designed robot tour guides of the future, including Bobbybot, his greatest creation. Sid and Gabriela also meet Yangyang and Niuniu, from China, the winners of the “Future Scientist” category. The four young scientists observe giant honey bees, investigate robots, and even encounter a Tyrannosaurus Rex! But when their robot guide short-circuits, Sid, Gabriela, Yangyang, and Niuniu must use teamwork to save the day.  Together they learn that you can be a scientist at any age and that thinking like a kid is sometimes the best way to solve a problem! 

The new feature was written by Bradley Zweig, who also serves as an executive producer. Other executive producers are Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford for The Jim Henson Company. For Nine Eyes Stone, Connie Wang is the executive producer and David B Miller is producer. The Jim Henson Company is handling all ancillary distribution of the property including licensing, video and merchandising.

I am excited to watch this with Broxton, but I wonder if it will be weird without the other characters in the movie...   Guess we will find out soon!!!!
Make sure you tune in tomorrow to see it!!!!
***** I will be receiving a Sid Plush for posting this information.


  1. We're huge Sid fans too, I like the catchy songs and my son really does learn from this series.

  2. Isaak love this show! He wanted to change his name to Zeeky for awhile. That's Sid's brother or sister? Any which way, I'm glad Isaak likes his nickname. Usually it's Zeek, but it's turned into Zeeky, Zeeker, Zeeka and so on.


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