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If you have been around here for a bit... Or if you know us at all, you know that Broxton used to think that Caillou was his brother!  I am not really sure how or why that started, but it did...  and we now have lots of Caillou DVD's (and even a Caillou doll!) 
When I saw that Caillou had a new DVD - Big Kid Caillou...  I knew that I would like to get it for Broxton...  Especially since he will be headed back to school soon!  
I did notice that he didn't watch it as intent as he normally does, so I am not sure if he is growing out of it, or if he was just preoccupied... but they had several great episodes and they were new to us too!  

On this DVD: 
Big Time Caillou - When Caillou's older friend Andre comes over for a play date, Caillou learns a lesson about the importance of not hiding who you really are. 

Caillou's Glasses - Caillou realizes how important good vision is after making a pretend pair of glasses.  
Caillou's Dance Party - Caillou learns there's more than one way to do things when Miss Martin throws a dance party at preschool.
Helping Mrs. Howard - Caillou comes to realize that friendship is often the best form of help, when Mrs. Howard sprains her ankle.
Caillou's First Run - Caaillou learns that not every race is about winning when he and Grandpa enter a charity "fun run."
The New Girl - When a new girl arrives at preschool, Caillou decides to welcome her after remembering what it was like to be the new boy.  

 Fun and exciting discoveries await in BIG KID CAILLOU.
Growing up is the greatest adventure of all, and Caillou is 
ready to teach kids about being themselves, flexibility, 
friendship and kindness. In the six episodes featured on this 
DVD, which began airing on PBS in March, Caillou learns 
that every race is not about winning, remembers what it’s like 
to be the “new kid” at school, and discovers the importance 
of good vision! More than four million households tune into 
“CAILLOU” each month.
Series Information: 
Caillou is a 4-year-old boy who delights in the small 
wonders of the world around him, embellishing everything 
he sees with his rich imagination. Thanks to his vivid 
imagination, ordinary, everyday events quickly become 
exciting adventures where Caillou can play “make-believe.” 
“CAILLOU” is designed for preschoolers and focuses on 
role-playing and “make-believe.” By imagining they are 
someone else, children can often accomplish extraordinary 


  1. I like Caillou but my son has informed me he's too old for it now. I guess it's just me and Caillou early in the morning now a days (I leave it on if it comes across the TV). :)


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