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When I first heard of Daddy Scrubs, I thought it was going to only sell scrubs for new dads. 
Little did I know that they have so much more... 

Let me start by saying, if you are looking to get a one of a kind gift for a new dad, head on over and see what all they have to offer... 
From scrubs (of course!)  to hats and t-shirts that announce " I'm the Daddy!"  to books and diaper bags...  They have cute ties, tumblers, coffee mugs... Basically anything to get the new daddy in your life.  (If you think about it.. mom and baby get most of the gifts, why not treat daddy too?!)  

Well, when I saw something ELSE that Daddy Scrubs had... 
I knew that I really wanted to see about reviewing for Jumpin Beans!!!!
No, we are not expecting, so what could it be?

Just the t-shirt from the All American Line!!!!

The All American Line had the BEST shirts... 
At least for this U.S.A. loving family!!!!!
They have shirts, onesies, toddler tees, hats and coffee mugs... 

For the daddy... 
It says "All American Daddy!"
For the toddler or onesies... it says "My daddy is All American!"  
Love it!!!

I was so excited to get one... and of course, Broxton and Marc had to wear them at the same time... 
So cute and so sweet!!!!

I will tell you , I was a bit nervous, as the toddler tee only goes to 3T... and you guessed it.. Broxton is in a 4T now...  It fit perfect!!!  (As in, he and daddy will get to wear their shirts for a bit longer before Broxton has outgrown his!!!) 

So-  If you are looking for a great daddy gift... 
Or, if a daddy you know is "all American".... 
Head on over to Daddy Scrubs and see what they have to offer!!
Make sure to follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!!!!


  1. I LOVE Daddy Scrubs!! They outfitted my son when he had his little darling. :)


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