Art Park

A few weeks ago, we went back to Albany (Georgia) and while there, I said I wanted to go and check out our "Art Park."  I had heard about it, but was really unsure what it was...
From what I gathered, anyone (and I mean, anyone) can go in there and do any form of "art."

The open air "art park."

Up close, I did not notice that it was a girl.. I just saw lots of flowers...    
But, once the photo was taken, it was all clear to me!!!!
Broxton was not really sure what to expect!

Just another form of "art" in the park!

Wasn't really sure what this was...   

I thought this was pretty neat...   and sweet!
 I think they are supposed to go and paint over it, to make clean canvas for people to go and express themselves... I can not wait to go back and see what it looks like next time!!!!

Do you have anything like this where you live?


  1. I've been to see a few graffiti artists paint, but we don't have a whole park. It's kind of like installation and performance art, some of it I get, and some of it I'm shaking my head.

  2. That is pretty neat. If they had more places like this then I think it would cut down on graffiti elsewhere!

  3. That is fun, and I bet my daughter would LOVE it!


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