Frosty from Build a Bear Is Here!!!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw me post a couple pictures of  Broxton and his new friend, Frosty...   Well, today I get to tell you about Frosty and what all is going on at Build-A-Bear.  
For the longest time, I thought that Build a Bear was just the workshop... You know, you go in and you build your own bear...  now I know, that is not all true!  

You can actually buy already stuffed animals!!!!  

Broxton saw the Build A Bear commercial and immediately thought that we needed Rudolph and Frosty for our house.  (We are still in the process of decorating, we have minimal things and one would be a great addition to our Christmas decor.)  We were lucky enough to open the door and find that Frosty had been delivered from Build A Bear for us to love.  To see the face of that boy when he opened the box... Amazing!  I know that he is so appreciative when he has that grin and screams "YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!"    Talk about melting a mama's heart!!!

I was very impressed with how SOFT Frosty was!   He did feel soft as snow, but you don't have to worry about him melting!!!   How awesome is that?    I also loved that Frosty comes with his signature magic hat...  and you can also purchase the accessory pack that  has a broom, a pipe and a scarf that says "Frosty the Snowman" on it.

Broxton was so loving his new friend that he had to take him with us while we went to visit my parents over the weekend!   The great part?  We were able to watch "Frosty" on television that night!!!   The below picture  was Broxton with his daddy and his papa, snuggling with Frosty while watching Frosty!!!! 

Bottom line is that you need to check out Build  A Bear for your gift giving needs!!!!  You can purchase a variety of Christmas themed stuffed animals (for all different prices too!)  We will be heading to look at getting Rudolph or Clarice at some point, we just need to have them in our home!!!

You could also give them a stuffed animal and then also throw in a gift card for them to go and either buy accessories or build a bear of their own!!!  
One more thing... If you have a My Little Pony fan ....  They have them too!!!  

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  1. That is so cute. Snuggling with Frosty while watching Frosty :)

    I would love to take my kids here. I've heard such good things.

  2. My daughter has been begging me to take her to Build A Bear. I used to take my oldest there when she was little. That Frosty sure is cute!

  3. That little (actually he's kinda big) Frosty is UNBELIEVABLY cute! Would it be embarrassing if I went to BAB and made one for ME?

  4. I have not taken the kids to Build a Bear before, I see quite a few that they would love to make. One of gals would the Girl Scout Bear! Love the Frosty, and the family enjoying watching him on tv.

  5. I love the Frosty. I love the Rudolph they have too. :) My son went a couple of years ago but I think he was too young to fully appreciate it. He's probably the perfect age right now.


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