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Oh my goodness, talk about a great weekend for College Football!!!
Wow, I know I can not be the only one thinking that, as it was nuts and awesome and nerve-wracking and exciting and ... and ... and...
Just wow - wow- wow.. 

So - knowing how much I love my Georgia Bulldogs, I am so excited to tell you about one of the products that literally made my jaw drop while I was at Americas Mart this past summer..
Masik Collegiate Fragrances!
Yes, you read that right....
I saw the "collegiate" area and you know that pulled me in like a magnet to a refrigerator!  I had to go check it out... and I met the sweetest lady, Katie, while there... We got to talking about her company, Masik Collegiate Fragrances and I was just in awe...
Let me tell you about it:
Long story short, Katie started making fragrances that would allow the wearer to reminisce of their college days...the emotions, the know what I mean...
But, she didn't want to have the final say, she wanted input from those on campus....

 "I wanted the scents to be special and inspired by elements such as school colors, campus style, flowers and trees, traditions and location.  I also thought it was important for the schools to be involved in the process – from the initial fragrance inspiration brief, to smelling the custom scents and selecting their favorite ones."

Of course, my love of my Georgia Bulldogs had me grab that one to smell first... ( I was quite honestly a bit skeptical how she could bottle up all the scents to be different, but still hold true to the school being represented...)  I loved it... and you know being MARRIED to a LSU Tiger fan, I had to smell that one as well... Surprisingly enough, I loved it as well!!! Maybe even more than UGA, I am not sure... but I will never admit it, I do have family to keep!  

A signature scent exclusively created to capture the essence of the University of Georgia. The Beauty of the Arch, The Power of the Red and Black and The Dignity of the Bulldogs. Modern, Sophisticated and Fierce.

TOP · Cool Ozone, Chilled Fugi Apple, Frozen Bergamot
MIDDLE · Asian Pear Skin, Lavandin, Frosted Nutmeg
BASE · White Birch, Skin Musk, Blue Cypress, Blonde Woods
TOP · Red Poppy, Fizzy Mandarin, Crisp Green Apple, Lychee-Tini Accord
MIDDLE · Water Lilies, Baby Violet, Lush Jasmine, Dew Kissed Poppy
BASE · Crisp Moss, Soft Musk, Whisper of Teakwood, Golden Amber

I honestly think this is an AMAZING GIFT IDEA!!!
Christmas Gift, Valentines Gift, Wedding Gifts (for wedding party), College Gifts, I can go on and on... But simply put, I love this idea and I love the product!!!
Lucky for you, I get to host a great giveaway (even if you don't like college sports, who doesn't LOVE cologne/perfume?!)
Two winners - Each winner will get to school perfume or cologne and the school....
If you don't win this week, come back next week as I will be holding a new contest for even more Masik products!!!!

Search Facebook for the individual Facebook Pages for The School Signature Scent:
  1. University of Alabama Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  2. UNC Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  3. Florida State Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  4. Penn State Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  5. Kentucky Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  6. Texas A&M Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  7. Ole Miss Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  8. Auburn Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  9. Tennessee Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  10. NC State Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  11. South Carolina Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  12. Georgia Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  13. LSU Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  14. Virginia Tech Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  15. Clemson Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  16. Oklahoma Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances
  17. Florida Fragrances by Masik Collegiate Fragrances


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  1. I would choose Penn State Fragences

  2. I'm going with womans. I haven't have new smelly stuff in a long time.

  3. I read it closer now. I'm changing my mind to mens. Travis likes sports. :)

  4. I think he'd like: Penn State University® Men's Cologne 1.7 oz

  5. I think he'd like: Penn State University® Men's Cologne 1.7 oz

  6. Gah, they need MSU on there. :) What a fun concept this is, I like it!! The collegiate draw had that magnet appeal to me too, I went right over to the site. :)

  7. I would choose the men's cologne for gift-giving.

  8. I would choose the Georgia Bulldogs. (On the subject of Georgia football, I would love to have ONE football game that I could just sit back and enjoy, not bite my fingernails until the end of the game!).

  9. I would choose Florida State® Men's Cologne.

  10. I would choose Florida State University.

  11. Also, I'd choose University of Kentucky

  12. I would get University of Florida for men (oh the 'Nole in me just cringed). ;)

  13. I'd choose the scent for men. Sorry I said that w/my school choice, I know, but I'm letting you know for the giveaway. :)

  14. I might choose the Texas A&M Fragrances for women.

  15. Do not let this get out...I'm from Ohio but fell in love with the Kentucky for Her scent...shhhhhhh! what can I say, still waiting for my Buckeye juice!

  16. I have to say I am from Ohio but I LOVE the Kentucky for Her scent....don't tell...shhhhh! We need Ohio State scent soon!

  17. What a fun stocking stuffer this would be!

  18. I would select the men's fragrance.

  19. I would select the University of Florida.

  20. I would chose the women's fragrance.

  21. I would chose Virginia Tech.


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