God's Love for You is SO Much More than "Just" A Bible Storybook

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 If you are looking for a one of a kid gift, look at one of the latest books we have received :  God's Love For You.   I have to admit, I was not really sure what to expect, with it being a "Bible Storybook" with stories from around the world, but I was excited to see what was behind that brightly colored cover!

As soon as I opened the hardcover, I knew I was in for something new... 

The first two opening pages had pictures of people from around the world... 
Then, you get to the Contents section and see that it too is divided up on the Old Testament and the New Testament.    There is then a letter to Parents and then the stories start.
I absolutely LOVE that the stories are written so that kids of all ages can understand (the target age is 2-10 years old.)  Not only do you get the story - Up first? "God's Wonderful Creation Plan" based on Genesis 1...  You also get beautifully illustrated artwork to accompany the story.
As the pages turn, we have additional stories...
Part two is "God Made People to be Like Him"  but then it is followed with a personal story from Albania "God Created Me With Love" and then we have a bit of "Did You Know" with photos and tid-bits of information.
I personally thought this was awesome and took this book above the basic "Bible Storybook" that I have seen in book stores.  I am so glad that Broxton now has this to add to his library...  Not only for the stories from the Bible, but also for the stories around the world!!!!

Synopsis from their website:
This Bible storybook is beautifully illustrated by Martina Peluso in bright, whimsical displays. Carolyn Larsen, author of The Little Girl’s Bible Storybook, assisted writing the Bible stories. World Vision® CEO Richard Stearns and his wife, Reneé, present stories about children they’ve met through World Vision, what life is like in their corner of the world, and how God is working through their lives. Also features fun facts about each child’s home country.
Proceeds of this book will be donated to World Vision.


  1. It sounds like a great way to reiterate the Bible stories kids know, and/or introduce them (and later maybe reiterate with the Bible). Great learning tool as well as fun read. I like it!


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