Start a Great Kids Library with @thepoodletales (9 Books Available So Far!)

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It is no secret - I love books.  I just might be the last one holding out with hard copy books, but I will do it as long as I can...  I just love the feel of them... and the memories of them too!  Whenever my mom gives me a book, she writes a message in them for me and I love them... We get a good amount of books and I love being able to share such a wide variety of topics with him...  
The latest book we were sent?  

The Poodle Tales - Book Nine - The Modeling Poo.
This is actually a really cute book and it is book number 9 in a 24 book series..
I thought it was a cute book and perfect for a little diva in your life!!!
In The Modeling Poo, we meet a girl poodle that has always had an eye for fashion... She sets up a fashion show (complete with matching accessories) and walks the red carpet for her friends...
One thing I did notice was that none of the characters have names, so that made it easy to read, instead of having to remember a bunch of different names, we could focus on the story!

I think that these are cute books.  Also, don't worry about them all being geared towards girls...
They also have Skateboarding Poodle, Ballerina Poodle, Poodle Derby and so much more! 
Make sure you head on over to see the books that are currently available and every 60 days a new book will be released!   This would be a great way to start a kids library!!!  

The Poodle Tales is really cool... make sure you head over and see all the activities that are available!
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  1. That's fun that they are going to publish so many. I remember loving sets when I was a kid. It's fun to collect books you love. :)

  2. I love Poodles and this series of books is adorable. I think I would like this set for myself but I would share with my granddaughter!


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