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I was recently informed of a circus that was headed our way...
It was the Big Apple Circus and it was literally "Under the Big Top."
I was excited to take Broxton, as I have decided that this year is going to be more about #MakingMemories. I thought he would have a great time and I wanted to learn more about this particular circus.
First up, I was VERY aggravated on the way there.
I went to their website and hit the link to get directions...  I followed them and ended up at the location... to find the parking lot closed and a professional sign (about the size of a poster board) telling me the ADDRESS of the circus location.  Granted, there was a printed map in there, but how was I as the driver with only a 4 year old, supposed to jump out on the ROAD to grab one, since the lot was closed off?
Luckily I remembered it said LOT A - so I headed back looking for any signage....
The city of Alpharetta had signs up for the lot, but there was NOTHING from the circus...
Needless to say, I was LIVID (and thankful we left WAY EARLY) and continued on my mission to find the location.    I was thinking that since it was IN a PARKING LOT, there would be no parking fee, but I stopped for cash anyways....  (Glad I did, it was $10... I do not think there is much left as far as free parking in Atlanta, so that wasn't really a surprise... Just wanted everyone to be aware before heading out. )

I will admit, I was in a foul mood, because of the directions and what not and I was really hoping my mood would change ... and quickly.
Luckily for me, we had a good parking spot (I think they were all good, since they don't allow for HUGE crowds each night.)    Then, we started heading to the Big Top...

Tell me that this isn't cute?  I LOVED the signage...
This way to the BIG TOP!!!
 Once you get in, the first area is a fun one to be...
They have clowns walking around for the kids (and adults) to get a more personal feel....
They also had this Photo Op area that totally cracked me up:
Ring Master Broxton
 I was laughing so hard when we met this clown... Think his name was Ruby/Rudy...
Anyways, he was just walking around with this duck on a skateboard.. pulling it like he was "walking a dog" or something... We noticed and he stopped to talk to Broxton. He actually asked Broxton to walk his duck for him, because he was tired... and Broxton did... I was cracking up laughing and it was just too cute and funny to me!!!  He ended up staying there talking to Broxton for several minutes and it was such a fun time. Not rushed or anything, very relaxed!!!  We then walked around to see a few other clowns doing their acts... One actually had the plates spinning in the air on sticks.. and would let the kids hold the sticks.  As I said, so FUN and totally awesome!!!!
Broxton took the duck for a walk
The Big Apple Circus Set... This was called Luminocity   I loved the
"New York" setting.  One kid noted " I bet they sell LOTS of APPLE JUICE
since it is called BIG APPLE CIRCUS.   
The Ring Master for the show.
This is a 15 year old kid that juggles.  He was pretty awesome.
What I loved was that he juggled to the beat of the music!
This was pretty neat, although a bit slow...
But it was neat to see the strength these two had.
They did have animals in the show...
There was an act with a group of dogs...
As well as an act with horses.  
This was pretty neat, to watch... but I will admit that it was my least favorite of the whole show.  
Leaving the BIG TOP.
We really had a great time and loved the different acts that they had.  I loved how personal it was... as there was really no bad seat in the whole place.  At one point, our row (and the one in front of us) all leaned back, as if we expected to be hit when the horses were running by... We were THATCLOSE!!!
It was AWESOME!!!!

If you have never been to see the BIG APPLE CIRCUS, I would highly recommend going...I see they are in Georgia for around 2 more weeks, but then they are headed north... Check them out while you can!!!


  1. That's fun that they took time out to chat and play with the crowd. I'm glad Broxton got to walk the duck. :)

    The pics are adorable.

  2. I like the one of Broxton inside the poster. It's so cute!


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