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I am pretty lucky in that I normally do not have a problem falling asleep... Normally as soon as I am in the bed, it is just a short time before I am out... Broxton is more like his daddy in that it seems to take FOREVER for him to conk out.
Marc has always had sleep issues and we have tried everything... with NOTHING working for him.
I was recently contacted about a new "sleep support" and I wanted to let Marc try it out... 

Glysonna is a
drug-free sleep aid, glycine fortified with added wellness nutrients which helps you to reach restorative sleep by:

a) Triggering relaxation.
b) Sustaining sleep.
c) Initiating the natural sleep process.

I had Marc try it and unfortunately for him, it did not work.  (We have honestly tried pretty much everything and if he doesn't have PRESCRIBED medication- he will NOT sleep.)  

I want to give it a try - but like I said, I don't have any sleep issues, so I would not know if it really worked or not.  I plan on passing this along to my mom, as she has sleep issues... but I have not seen her to give it to her to try.  Just because this doesn't work for Marc doesn't mean it is not effective, it just didn't work in our house... I would love to hear from you if you have tried it!  

You can visit their website to learn more about Glysonna.  


  1. Wonder if it would help my husband. He gets all keyed up about his homework and then he can't sleep even when he tries.


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