Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep

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After heading to the Atlanta Zoo last week, Broxton (like his mom) has fallen in love with the adorable panda bear.    I think they are the cutest things... and after seeing them in person, I love them even more... They are just soo cute and I love their paws!
So- with his new love, imagine the excitement when we opened up a new book the other day featuring a cute panda named Chengdu.  I thought the book was super cute- and just like Broxton since he "could not, would not fall asleep!"    Broxton had to join in with me reading about how Chengdu "could not, would not fall asleep" and we had a great time turning the pages reading this story!  

High in his tree a young panda named Chengdu lies awake, even though everyone around him is quietly sleeping. He tosses and he turns. He scrunches and he squirms. But it's not until he finds the perfect spot—atop his brother, Yuan—that he finds rest. But now Yuan can't sleep.

This is a cute book and besides being great for an Easter basket, this would be a great way to announce a family trip to the zoo!!!


  1. My teen likes Pandas like no other. She has a fuzzy Panda hat, bookbag, necklace, shirts, you name it. Wonder if I can find her some Panda Shoes anywhere. :) Chengdu looks like a cute book.

  2. Such a cute illustration!

    I just ordered some books through Scholastic, through the boy's school. I'm sure they will be in heaven when they come in.


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