Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Breakfast?

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As a busy mom, I am still striving to give my little one a great breakfast.  You know you can do many different creations, but to be honest, he isn't a huge fan of me cooking breakfast (and that works for me, since that means I can catch a couple more ZZ's too!)  The latest we have been enjoying?  Fruit and cereal from Publix.  I tell you, Publix and I have a love / hate relationship!  I love going and finding the great deals... but I hate how much I end up buying!  You would be crazy to pass the deals up! 
Luckily, I was able to go and shop to tell you the great deals at Publix with Cheerios...  (and a great way to sneak in fruit to those that might not be so quick to chow down on fruit daily!)

Besides the great deals and prices.... He can NEVER pass up riding in the grocery cart/car....  That makes me happy so I can shop faster!   Up first - lets get some bananas!  Bananas make great additions to his lunch... but it was DELICIOUS to slice up a banana and add it to our Honey Nut Cheerios!  

 Also had to grab a few apples!  We love these as a great after school snack!!!

 I will be honest - I have never thought about adding fruit to our cereal until this last blog opportunity... but we all love it!!!  I also added strawberries to the chocolate cheerios!  (Talk about an excuse for "chocolate covered strawberries" for breakfast!)

Broxton was not up for having fruit in his cereal- I think it is a texture thing for him right now... But he sure did ask to have the fruit packed for lunch as well as after school snacks!

What is your favorite combination of cereal and fruits?  


  1. I remember Publix being great for fruit too. And their deli sandwiches (for lunch on my work break). Yum!

  2. I like Cherrios and cut up banana.


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