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Living in Atlanta has its advantages - one being that there is always something cool going on, or at least coming our way soon.  The latest to head our way?  Extreme Dinosaurs!  It is in Atlantic Station - where the Titanic exhibit was, right next to the Bodies Exhibit.  To be honest, being that I am not really familiar with Atlantic Station, I was not sure where that was and was thinking it was one of those "under the tent" things... but actually it is IN Atlantic Station. On the top floor.  
Anyways, we got to go for a little "sneak peek" right before it opened to the public, so it was not busy and we sort of had "run" of the place.  (That was neat and Broxton was able to really take it all in.)  
Extreme Dinosaurs to me was geared more for the older aged kids versus preschool.  I thought it was pretty neat, but that meant that Broxton was not as into it as other kids might have been.
Let me tell you a bit about it ...
We got there and immediately they have a photo opp area.  At first, Broxton was a bit scared and wanted nothing to do with it... (Not sure what that was about, it was not scary and you were not even really near the dinosaur.  I guess he was just unsure about it all.)
The Extreme Dinosaurs Photo Opp when you first enter the Exhibit.
Once we entered the exhibit, there were plenty of life like dinosaurs for us to check out.   I really enjoyed how they did the lighting to not just be a boring museum experience and the assortment of lights is sure to add enjoyment to everyone.

Broxton was trying to decide what he thought of the different exhibits.

Living near Marietta, everything direction wise involves "The Big Chicken" and this guy right here was also known as the Big Chicken.  Sorry for the not so great photo, but I really wanted to show off his size.  

Throughout the exhibit, you had different dinosaur structures, as well as a few replicas of fossils along the way.  There was plenty of signage for you to understand exactly what you were looking at, but with a 5 year old, he was not wanting to slow down and let me read it to him... He wanted to keep exploring!

Here was an interactive area that allowed you to learn more about the dinosaurs. Broxton thought this was a perfect time for him to "draw" in his notebook what all we had been checking out.

My little Paleontologist.  
 Of course, when he saw the "dig" area - I thought of Ross from Friends - Broxton was my very own little paleontologist.   I did learn that he would never be good at doing the real thing, as he had NO PATIENCE at all and was wanting to find things right then - no waiting!!!!
One of the T-Rex in the area.  

All in all- we really had a great time.  As I said, I do think older kids will enjoy it more. Especially if they can read and know a little about dinosaurs, as he had no time for that.   I was very impressed with the staff that was there.  They took the time to listen to what he had to say and answered any questions he had.  One even took her phone out to google and show him images of the dinosaur that he had "found" while on the "dig!"  If you have a dinosaur fan, I think they would enjoy it - but as I mentioned ... it is more of a museum feel with it being self guided than a preschool area fun zone.

If you are not in/near the Atlanta area, make a trip to come here for a vacation this summer. This is just one of the many local attractions you can check out while in town!
(Remember, this is a limited time deal, so book your tickets now!)  



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