How Do You Get There? Let @waze Help You Out!!!

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A couple weeks ago, I was invited to a luncheon in town to learn about a new (to me) app called WAZE.  I was very excited to check it out... Especially since it was a "GPS" type app that would be great to share with Marc with him going to work at all hours.  We got there and were treated to an awesome lunch- thanks to 10th & Piedmont.  If you are ever in the area- you totally need to go and check them out... I had the chicken salad sandwich - AH-MAZ-ING!!!!    Thanks to WAZE, we got the coolest gift bags filled with great products too!    
Gift bag items thanks to WAZE
Now- on to WAZE.  I hate that I did not use the app headed there, but to be honest, I wanted to use my normal GPS to make sure I made it there on time.  So- I was able to learn all about WAZE from the luncheon.   This app is pretty cool.  It shares "real time" information with other drivers...
When I was able to be a passenger (and watch the phone)  I was able to see ALL that it had to offer.
First of all, we plugged in a familiar address and no lie - AS WE WERE DRIVING - it popped up and told us that there was a better route ahead... we went that way and it saved us a little over 5 minutes.  

A screen shot showing that there was a better route.  
 Another thing that was awesome to me?  It will tell you if a hazard or police or something has been reported.   I thought it would be great for my mom - she HATES driving in traffic and this would really help her since it literally tells you that a vehicle has been reported stalled on your side of the road - or even if a cop is hiding waiting to bust you for speeding!   Now, it isn't always 100 % right- you know, if the vehicle has moved or if the cop has left .. but if you pass by, you have the option to give it the thumbs up (still there) or say that it left.  
Waze also tracks traffic and you can see that further up the road, traffic is only going 14 miles an hour or something...     I have not used the whole gas system yet (you can check for good gas prices in your area) because we always use the one near us -but this will be great for vacations!!!
I love that there are so many users (over 100,000 in Atlanta alone!)  But the honest to goodness thing that might have impressed me the most?  You can use it in a foreign country!!!  Say you are going to Europe... You can take it with you and it will translate things to the language of your choice while you are gone!  
I thought that was so cool!!!!
Four more cool factors to me:
One - you can make a phone call on your phone and it will still talk and tell you when you need to be turning or looking out for police or road hazards!
Two - It will ask if you are passenger or driving - drivers can not use the app to touch the screen!!!
Three- If your friends are on WAZE and you are meeting for dinner somewhere - you can send them your waze and they can see exactly WHERE you are and your ETA!  
Four- You carn points (and can get "bonus points" for doing things)  so you can actually turn this into a game with you and your friends!!!

Go ahead and download the WAZE app - it is free and has been very helpful to us!!!
(We have used it several times on our "spring break!")   I have been telling all my family and friends to download it - I am loving it!!!!


  1. I like that you can use it even if you're on a call. It sounds like it's jam-packed full of nifty stuff too. :)

  2. That sounds handy! I'm so bad with directions.


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