Do You Know This Bird?

A couple weeks ago, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye... 
Stopping to look to see what it was, I noticed that someone loves our house as much as we do - a bird had decided to make a nest!!!!  The only bad part?  It is REALLY HIGH up and we don't have a REALLY HIGH ladder...  
So, that meant I had to bust out the other camera lens and hope I could get close enough to see what was going on... 

See our beautiful little nest?  It is up on the drain pipe in the back of our house....
Then, Mama bird came back to her nest... so I tried to snap a picture to see if I could figure out what kind of bird this was... 
This picture is through the window pane, looking out at the nest...

Not really sure, but I am thinking it is a Robin?
When I walked out to try and snap a picture, the bird flew off... 
It did not go far though... I guess watching the nest...
But- it did allow for me to get a picture... 

Do you know what bird this is??


  1. I googled it lol its an American Robin. Great photos! And FYI the photos are not lining up with the width of your blog. It cuts out the ans and g of your logo on the right side ;)

  2. Yep a type of robin. Funny because like an hour after I first read this my biology teacher showed two side by sides of different types of robins

  3. What a beautiful bird!
    I think one is trying to make a nest on our house too! I keep thinking it's a woodpecker! haha.

    But no, I have no idea what bird this is.

    This will be fun for you and Broxton? (I spell it right?) to do birdwatching! Especially with binoculars!

  4. Definitely looks like a robin. Do you have a bird feeder? It might bring her closer, so you can get a better look.

  5. It's a Robin. How fun to have a nest the first year of having a house.

  6. That's a Robin. That was my grandpa's favorite type of bird. :)

    We have a woodpecker that returns every year to gnaw on our house. He's a pain the in the tush...gets mad at ME when I go out and chase him off. Sits in the bird and mad tweets at me until I go away. Silly bird.


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