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Hopefully if you come to our house, you will notice the smell that greets you and you will comment on how welcoming it is!    As I have mentioned a few times, I have a slight obsession with Air Wick and they just keep drawing me in!  Last year, I was able to review their National Parks collection and our house had a delightful aroma that would greet you when you entered... Then, we had the familiar favorites that would randomly spray fresh scents throughout the day... 
Now, we have the plug in scents down stairs.  

I will tell you this, I am not always so observant , so I am not sure if this is new or not ... 
but, we noticed that they had a "scratch and sniff" sticker on some of the scents this time around... 
We were sent 3 of their scents and I loved all three...  No, I did not use them at the same time, but right now, if you come to visit, you will be welcomed with the BISCAYNE smell.  (YOU WILL LOVE IT!  Broxton chose this as the current scent!)

Another feature I like?  The top of the oil holder has a dial on it, so you can adjust the strength of the aroma that is released.  I was very pleased with that, especially since I like it really strong some times (lots of sports and many boys here.. need it stronger... but if its a low key time, it can be on the smaller scale!)  

The holders are simple and plain, meaning it will not mess up any of your decor if you are worried about that.  They also have the automatic misters that offer the same choice of scents.  

The National Parks scents available:

New Channel Islands: Inspired by the pristine coastal waters and rare silver lotus blossom of the Channel Islands, Air Wick crafted a fresh clean fragrance, accented by soft touches of cedar wood, green moss and floral notes for a light, captivating scent.

New Yosemite: Inspired by the untouched beauty of the Yosemite waterfalls, notes of wild strawberries fused with soothing mists of mountain rain for a wonderfully sweet and unique scent.

New Gulf Islands: Bask in the fragrant scents that take you to the Gulf Islands, rich in white sand beaches and seashores that evoke sun-drenched sweet notes of a summertime paradise.

New Biscayne: The tropical scents of Florida’s Biscayne inspired a warm, refreshing fragrance with notes of juicy, sun-kissed citrus paired with wild orchids blossom to create a bright, smooth scent.

Great Smoky Mountains: Inspired by the view of a spectacular fall sunset, warm spice and twilight captures notes of amber, clove, and anise to transport you to the majestic ridges of the Smoky Mountains.

Virgin Islands: Find yourself in the idyllic paradise of Virgin Islands National Park and uncover the delightful notes of tropical plumeria and sweet honeysuckle.

American Samoa: Explore the lush paradise of American Samoa National Park to experience the sweet refreshing notes of native coconut and island palms.

Hawai’i: Escape to a tropical island sunset at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park and savor the unspoiled notes of exotic papaya and hibiscus flower.

This would make a great addition to any gift basket... 
(Graduation is coming up soon... as is Mothers Day!) 

You know me, I love "just because" gifts too!!!
Remember, these scents are limited edition, so make sure to stock up now!!!


  1. I'd like to try any one of them. I like the scratch n sniff idea. I wish all air fresheners had one. :)


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