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If you know our family... You know we love snacks.  A-Whole-Lot.
The thing is, it is hard to attempt to eat healthy when you have all sorts of delicious foods around you.
Luckily for us, we were recently given the opportunity to "get popped" when we were sent a box full of an assortment of the popchips brand snacks for us to try out.  I told a few friends about this new to me treat and guess what??  They all started chiming in on what flavor they enjoyed the best and how absolutely delicious they were...  At that point, I was excited to give it a try... 

I will be honest, I immediately spied the Sweet Potato Chips and had to try them out as soon as it was possible.  They were awesome, but were quickly picked to be Marc's favorite and he would not seem to share with me.  That was okay with me, as I quickly fell in love with the sea salt and vinegar ones and the bbq flavored ones!  Talk about YUM.  
I will tell you, I was very excited to try out the tortilla chips- but honestly, I was not a fan once I tried them out.. I was not a fan...  I did pass them along for my mom to try them out and she thought they were pretty tasty!  (As in she ate more than one bag during her visit and I actually took the tortilla chips to her house for her to be able to enjoy!)    

The thing about it?  Each bag is only 100 calories... and they taste great!!
Instead of having chips that are baked or fried, we now have the tasty chips that are popped! Y
es, Marc and I BOTH like them and LOVE that they are good for us.  They are loaded with flavor and are NOT greasy!!!!  Broxton also enjoys them,but I can proudly say that he is better about "healthier" options than we are!  

about popchips® 
popchips®, one of the fastest growing snacks brands in north america and the uk, is a naturally 
delicious line of popped chips with all the flavor and half the fat of fried chips. popchips has 
been winning awards and acclaim since its launch in 2007, while garnering a passionate 
following among trendsetters, moms, sports enthusiasts, and celebrities alike. popchips’ fans 
include katy perry, ashton kutcher, jillian michaels, and sean (diddy) combs. 
popchips are now sold at over 30,000 retailers across north america and the uk, including whole 
foods market, safeway, kroger, target, walgreens, wegmans, loblaws, select costco locations, 
and online at store.popchips.com.


  1. I've had these before and i'll be the first to admit that if you stop focusing on the fact that they're healthy, they're actually pretty darn good!

  2. 100 calories is nice. And the flavors sound awesome (and plentiful).


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