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*** This is not a paid / sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Since visiting this location, I have asked the owners if we might be able to work together in a review... but this post was just something I wanted to share with you...

We recently went back home - one of the boys was graduating high school (different post about that soon!)  and we had to go home to celebrate...   We also had to hurry home to be back in time for Marc to be back for work... but before we left, I had to try out a new restaurant.
You see, I asked friends where to go for lunch (wanted to try something different) and was told of Baja's Albany.  I had NO CLUE what they were talking about, but after looking them up... I knew I wanted to try their brunch..  Why?  SALMON EGGS BENEDICT.
That right there got me... I love, love - LOVE Salmon and eggs Benedict... come on... It is hard to find a good eggs Benedict... the Hollandaise has to be JUST right...

Anyways - so we showed up, right when they opened.  Immediately seated and Marc and I both were talking about the decor... Looks nice and I love how open it all is.  They actually have 3 different seating area's... and a private patio as well!  Marc looked at the brunch menu and then we ordered... I knew what I wanted - no question about it...
While we waited, they offered us chips and salsa.
Since I am NEVER one to turn them down - and since they were homemade, I wanted to try it out.  SURE! Send it on over!  Broxton was not a fan, since he thought the colors were going to make them taste funky or something.. but I had no problem enjoying them!  Side note- they do table-side guacamole at night ..  MUST TRY that soon. I am a semi new fan to guacamole and I HATE that I missed out on it all these years!

Then, the food arrived.  My Eggs Benedict looked amazing.. Marc ordered some Mexican dish and
Broxton stuck with the basics...  I immediately had to get Marc to try the grits.. something about them... They were delicious... They had a hint of a sweetness to them?  Come to find out - fresh stone ground grits...  Yep, they are so much better than the instant ones I treat us to from time to time!  I will be honest and say that the eggs were a bit over cooked... I stopped and asked them if that was how they were normally prepared and was informed that next time they would be runny, just like I wanted them, but they did come and ask how we wanted the eggs cooked when we ordered, so it was our mistake on that one.  Obviously it wasn't that bad... since I ate them and THEN mentioned it, versus when the food came out.  Get what I am saying??  The Hollandaise alone was amazing and made me love the food that much more.  Will for sure be ordering this again whenever I am in town for brunch!
 As I said, Marc went with some Mexican dish.  He is not a huge Mexican fan, but for some reason, that was what grabbed his attention.  He loved every last bite and did not leave anything on his plate...  AT ALL.
Broxton went with bacon, eggs and toast.  He was kind enough to share the toast (because he got to use the butter knife to cut it up) with us, but other than that, he ate all of his food and said it was good.  
Broxton enjoyed his kids breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.
While the food was plentiful, we still wanted to try more... I really wanted to see how their home fried potatoes were, so I ordered a side to test out... while doing so, Marc went ahead and ordered the French Toast.  The food came out and it looked amazing.  You could tell the potatoes were cooked to order and they had just enough seasoning to not be bland.. but not so much that you were distracted by the flavor.  It was a win - win for me... Until I went to test the French Toast...

Marc and Broxton had INHALED the French Toast...  Seriously. Not one bite left for me.  I asked if it was good since they didn't bother to share --- and they both tried to pass the blame onto to the other as to who ate it all!  
French Toast

So-what am I getting at?
If you are down around South Georgia .. swing on by Albany and try out Baja's.  I know I want to go back and try out their lunch...
(They also have live music on the patio Friday and Saturday nights!)

I will let you know when I return what I thought about the lunch menu... Plus get pictures of the place - and will share more about Baja's...  This was just to tell you what a great brunch we had the other day!
Check out Baja's Albany on Facebook.


  1. I'm glad you found a new place that you like. I really like when places have patio eating and live music!

    1. I am excited to go and hear the LIVE music -
      You know, since Phillip Phillips (American Idol) is from there and used to play live music around town.. Not to mention Luke Bryan - but not sure if he did the live music or not when he was there...

  2. Sounds great! I took a quick look at their menu, and I'd have to try the Green Chili Relleno. Thanks for sharing your photos, too, and sorry you didn't get to try the French toast.

  3. Oh my goodness you are making me hungry!!!

  4. This sounds delightful and I hope you get to visit again!
    I've not tried eggs benedict before, but now I"m interested!


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