Gluten-Free Veggie Muffins

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There is no denying that we need to eat healthier.  I know it, but it can be so hard at times.  If you let the kids (or husband) see / know that healthy is even a thought, you would swear that they are thinking you are trying to poison them... At least that is how it goes in our house!   
When I was contacted about reviewing a new Gluten- Free Veggie Muffin from Garden Lites, I was thrilled.. but was secretly hoping that they would arrive when no one noticed so I could serve them without the box being seen...  Let's be real "Veggie Muffins" is not something that my husband will jump at!  
So- they arrived and I was thrilled!!  The Veggie Muffins come frozen - but let me tell you, they sure don't taste that way when you go to enjoy them!   The come in a box of 4 with flavors such as Blueberry Oat, Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip, Zucchini Chocolate, Carrot Berry and Golden Corn. I am NEVER one to pass up chocolate - at least I can not think of a time that I did...   
So, I tried the Zucchini Chocolate one - amazing!   I will say, I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED with the individual packaging (with heating instructions and flavors printed on each package!)  The individual packaging allowed me to open and mix around the flavors I tried.  
They were super moist and full of flavor.  I honestly did not taste any of the veggies, but I have to say that I LOVE veggies, as does Broxton.   I served the Carrot Berry muffins for breakfast one day and Broxton enjoyed it... It was just right so that you could totally pass it off as homemade, if you are like me and have NO BAKING SKILLS!    


I really enjoyed them nice and hot, but it says you can enjoy them at room temperature as well.  I am thinking that this would be a great snack to take to the pool this summer...Or even an added treat to throw into lunch next school year.  I did cook dinner one night and then added the corn muffins to the plates as an added bonus.  I did not bother to tell anyone that they were frozen and "veggie muffins" but I did smile as they were enjoyed as if I had made them myself!!!!   

If you are looking for a great way to add a bit more Veggie to your Meal - look into Veggie Muffins!!!!  (Check them out - I am already wanting to try a few of their souffles!)

Check it out: 
Garden Lites, The Delicious Vegetable Company®, debuts the latest innovation in frozen cuisine with the launch of Garden Lites Veggie Muffins™, whose first and main ingredient is a vegetable!  These delicious, filling treats have just the right amount of sweet and are great for breakfast, lunch or anytime snack.  Veggie Muffins hit the shelves as the demand for healthier, convenient frozen food options continues to grow. 

All varieties of Garden Lites Veggie Muffins™ are gluten-free, vegetarian, low in calories, high in fiber and Kosher Parve.  Individually wrapped, these 2 ounce muffins offer convenient portability, and heat up in the microwave in only 35 seconds.  They can also be enjoyed at room temperature which is especially great for on-the-go snacking.  Stores nationwide are now carrying Veggie Muffins™which are available in 5 great and guilt-free flavors:
  • Veggie Blueberry Oat Muffins are filling and flavorful due to the combination of oats and sweet blueberries.
  • Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Veggie Muffins are the perfect blend of delicious vegetables, sweet banana and chocolate chips.
  • Zucchini Chocolate Veggie Muffins are made with fresh veggies and the finest chocolate.
  • Carrot Berry Veggie Muffins are made with fresh veggies and three different berries.
  • Golden Corn Veggie Muffins are chock-full of sweet corn every corn muffin lover will enjoy.

The need for healthy frozen food options has never been higher, especially with consumers looking for fast options that fit in with their hectic schedules.  After the successful launch of new and innovative Pizza Soufflé and Southwestern Soufflé in 2012, Garden Litesfelt the market was ready for the next level of delicious veggies.  Made of 1/3 fresh vegetables, each Veggie Muffin™ combines healthy nutrition with mouth watering flavors.  Garden Lites launched with the Zucchini Chocolate Veggie Muffin flavor early this year, followed by Carrot Berry and the other varieties. 


  1. Yep, sign me up for this one. I'd use these for the school lunches or the 'I'm hungry' moans I hear daily after school each and every day. ;)

  2. These look yummy. I haven't had breakfast yet. These are calling to me.

  3. I noticed quite a few more items are now gluten free. I supposed I'd like to try it out too.
    But these muffins sounds yummy! I like when you can't tell they were frozen!

  4. I have to say I'm intrigued with the Carrot Berry flavor. I love all the veggies in these!

  5. I will admit- "gluten free" had me turned off at first... ha ha , guess i am just like marc in that... i thought it would me "flavor free" but they all were really tasty!

  6. Veggie muffins? That's a great idea! Zucchini is so good in baked goods!


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