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Do you have a pirate fan on your hands and they want to be a pirate like Jake?  Maybe they want to be like Izzy with her Pixie Dust?  They could even want to be like Cubby with his great sense of direction... Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that they probably really enjoy Jake and the NeverLand Pirates... So what better way to get them to love reading than to grab a few books with their favorite characters???  
We were sent a couple book selections featuring Jake and the gang (not to mention that pesky Hook and his sidekick, Smee!)     The books were great and talk about a selection.  They sent us a board book, a regular book and even a book with stickers!   

Jake and the Neverland Pirates- Sailing the Never Sea.
This is a board book that is actually cut out in the shape that you see above.  In Sailing the Never Sea, we travel with Jake and his crew to reclaim the GOLDEN ANCHOR that they gave Bucky... Yep, you guessed it... Hook stole it from Bucky!!  We get a special visit from Marina the Mermaid and they end up working together to return the golden anchor to Bucky!
Super cute and a great read for kids of all ages.  Younger ones (and parents) will love the board book chunky style for young hands!  
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Cubby's Mixed- Up Map 
Cubby to the Rescue in this one!  It even includes stickers to add to the pages or place elsewhere!  In this book Captain Hook and Smee overhear Jake and the gang talking about a Golden Dinghy that they are going to find with the help of Cubby's map.  We know what that means...  Hook STEALS the map and then it is a race to find out who can get there first!   Luckily Cubby drew the map, so they are on the hunt!   You have to read the book to find out what happens to Hook, Jake and the others!  As with these books, I personally love the little extra's in the bottom corners.  (In this one, Skully is cracking jokes...  Such as - What is a pirate's favorite type of cookie?  Answer - Ships Ahoy!)   Broxton loves the additional features on the bottom as much as the actual books in the Jake series!
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Treasure of the Tides 
We get to see Izzy as a mermaid with Marina and the others in this book!  The funny part?  Hook doesn't even know what the treasure is... He just wants to get the treasure so that the mermaids DON'T.  How crazy is that???  Of course, since Izzy is a mermaid, she doesn't have her Pixie Dust, so how will they beat Hook to the treasure?  Read the book and see what happens in the Treasure of the Tides!  

These would be great books to do a book countdown to Christmas... They would also make great gifts to go under the tree!   


  1. My nephew would love these. He IS Jake (just ask him). ;)

  2. My kids love this show! My daughter is beginning to read, so these will make reading fun!


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