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With Broxton starting Kindergarten, I was planning to label everything...
Until the note came home - It said to ONLY label their notebook and their napmat.... Other than that, it was all community use.  I did not think much about it, but once he was in class...  I knew I wanted to label his things - you know, water bottle, lunch box, his book bag.  I think personalized book bags are cute, but I also think they are not safe, having their name on the outside, easy for weirdo creepers to make them think they know them.
So, I was offered a chance to check out the labels from Kidecals and I have been really impressed.  
We went with the round camo boy stickers.  I like that we ordered the everyday set and were able to get several large circles and then several smaller ones as well.  I have been able to use them on all the things that I want to make sure return home to us.  (You know, like his MINECRAFT Jacket that he is obsessed with!)
With these stickers, you can move the name and number to have it positioned just the way you want them and you can choose what you want printed on there.  For us, we went with his name and my phone number.  
No worries if you don't need to label kid items.. They have so much more!  
You can purchase keyboard stickers  to personalize your keyboard.  I personally like the US flag one, but was also drawn to the ones that had flowers on them.  
They also have labels if you are into canning or if you want to have a nice and organized pantry, you can even get chalkboard labels to keep things nice and neat!   Make sure you head over and check to see what all labels they do carry. I am sure you can find several things you will decide you need!!


  1. I'm giving the ones I got for the boys, to them for Christmas. I think they'll love them.

  2. Pretty sure my son would be obsessed w/a Minecraft jacket too. :) I like Kidecals. We got zipper pulls there that are the best!


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