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I tell you this, Disney NEVER ceases to amaze me!  If you watch Disney Junior at all, or if you have seen a little girl under the age of probably 7 or 8, you more than likely have seen Doc McStuffins. She is the character of choice on several book bags at Broxton's school and on "Career Day" several of the girls in Kindergarten dressed as her!
I love that Disney has a girl that is not a princess!   She is a doctor ---  of TOYS!!!!  
Just in time to start your Christmas shopping, there are a few new Doc McStuffin books that will be huge hits this year!  
First we have Doc McStuffins - Doctor's Helper.  This is a hard back book with beautiful, colorful illustrations on each page.  In this book, Stuffy finds a toy in need at the park... and they end up getting Ellie the Elephant all taken care of... but there is a problem... Ellie needs to get back to her owner, since her owner has Asthma.  Ellie helps her friend remember to breathe... So it is important that they get back together!  The end of this book has a page dedicated to information on allergies and asthma for caregivers to take note of.  

No lie, this just might be one of my favorite books I have received from Disney Books...   Doc McStuffins- Doc's Big Book of Boo-Boo's.  This hits you with a 1-2 punch and you know that you will be one of the best gift givers if you present this to your Doc McStuffins fan!   Why?  Well let me tell you... It is a spiral bound book - making it different than most.  Add to it a great story in the beginning where Doc has forgotten where she placed her Big Book Of Boo-Boos!   Then, SURPRISE!!!   Several pages of stickers for your little Doc in training... But here is the kicker... after the sticker pages you have your VERY OWN big book of boo-boos!  YES!!
Each page in the "notebook" has a drawing of the patient... then the scenario... Then you draw what you think needs to be done... The book prompts you, but leaves it open for you to do what you think is best!  The book ends with a "DOC IS IN" sign that you can even hang on your door!
This is just too cool and I am telling you now.. If you have someone that loves Doc McStuffins, you will WANT to HURRY up and buy this book... It will be the hit of the holidays!!!


  1. I always say I'm a toy surgeon...pretty handy w/the needle when the stuffing starts to pop out. ;) I like Doc McStuffins too. :)


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