2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe it is almost November?
Know what that means, right?
Christmas time is almost here!

I am not sure about your house, but ours is starting to get full of "I need to add that to my Christmas list" or "Maybe I can get that for Christmas." Infomercials are the worst, because I am a sucker for most of them and sadly, Broxton has decided to pick up that trait from his mama, since every commercial ends up with "we NEED that!"

Since it is almost November, you also know what is headed our way right?????  The 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!!!!  Stay tuned!   Great Giveaways and reviews are headed this way!

Side note, if you have a product that you would like to see about including in this years gift guide, please email me and lets see what we can do about that!  

A huge thanks to one of my best friends, Brooke, for allowing me to use her photo for this years gift guide.  She has an amazing eye (I am trying to get her to start an Etsy store!)


  1. That is a cool picture for the gift guide. :)

  2. I have started buying a few things because with 5 kids, it gets expensive and I just cannot wait until the last minute now. The infomercials will sure get them going though, they do tend to make them so good the kids really want all they see. So far I only have one who just wants a pogo stick, nobody else has said a thing....yet!


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