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With Halloween right around the corner, you can bet that there will be plenty of candy sold... and that means plenty of candy eaten!  I know that some dentists offices work out trades where they will "buy" the trick or treat candy from their patients and then they send it to soldiers overseas.  I think that is a great deal and pretty amazing for people to do that...
For those of us that enjoy in the Trick or Treating (and especially the treats) of the night ...
We need to make sure that proper oral hygiene is being done.  Broxton used to love to brush his teeth... He would want to brush his teeth several times a day... now, not so much.  He acts like it is pure punishment whenever I mention brushing and it is not a fun time for us.  I even tried buying him special toothbrush cases for when we travel and for storage, but he just doesn't have any desire.

Recently, I learned that there was a Star Wars Toothbrush from Firefly!  I was excited to get one for him to try out... Yes, in the beginning he thought it was the coolest thing and wanted to brush his teeth... but we are back to square one now.  The thing is.... I love the toothbrush, so although it didn't move mountains at our house for him, it was a great improvement for me.
Yes, I know that this is an Angry Birds Toothbrush, but I could not locate a Star Wars one on their website.  The things I loved about the Read Go Light Up Toothbrush? 
1 - It was a theme he enjoyed.
2  - Like most children's toothbrushes, it wasn't going to fit into our toothbrush holder.  The great thing about this one?  It has a suction cup bottom!!! Yes, that way, he can make it stand up on the counter, beside ours... Or he can be creative (which he just learned would work) and can make it stick to the mirror.  
3  - The red light "lightup" of it all...  It has a minute timer where the lights are lit.. counting down to red... Once it is red, you light it back up and do the other row of teeth.  Top then bottom?  Bottom then top?  You decide... but make sure you brush until the light goes off!  

If you are looking for a great new toothbrush for your little ones, make sure you check out the different ones offered by firefly toothbrushes!  They have several themes and different styles for all the boys and girls you know and love!


  1. How cool! I wish I had a toothbrush that could light up!

  2. We have the exact one pictured and also a Hello Kitty one for 2 of my kids. They love it!

  3. I think it's awesome that they've come up with a way to make the amount of kids brush easy to gauge.

  4. Toothbrushes make great stocking stuffers, or present toppers. I was thinking of buying some for my family members presents.

  5. So adorable! I remember when my son was younger, he had a Batman toothbrush, he loved it! :)


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