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If you remember, a few weeks ago we were invited to go to The Rock Ranch for a media event and we were beyond thrilled to go and check the place out.  We returned home and it has been a very talked about trip on numerous occasions...  To say we had a blast was an understatement.   We knew we wanted to get back soon... and we finally did. The thing about it?  We didn't just "go to The Rock Ranch" ... We went to The Rock Ranch and I got to mark off a bucket list item.  
I am in my mid-thirties and I have NEVER seen a Hot Air Balloon!  I used to say I wanted to go in a Hot Air Balloon Ride - but once I became a mom, I decided to stay more "grounded" in my wishes (literally)  That being said, my bucket list went from " riding a hot air balloon ride" to "seeing a hot air balloon in person"  Well, thanks to the event at the Rock Ranch, I marked it off!  
Watching  Big Brother getting ready to go down the Zip Line.  
Big Brother on the Zip Line.
 The big brother was thrilled to go and check it out... He was tired of hearing us talk about it and was able to come and see what all the excitement was about!   I was excited to go because of the Hot Air Balloons (for me) but I had a secret for Broxton...   A STORM TROOPER and JENGA FETT were both there for a special appearance!  Talk about "kids" of all ages lining up for a photo opportunity! It was great!
Please notice the Bunny Ears the Storm Trooper is giving him!  
Little Paddle Boat Fun!  
 Broxton was able to talk the Big Brother into going on the Paddle Boats.  There was NO WAY I was going out there... I just kept having flashbacks to when my brother and I talked our parents into letting us get one of those paddle bikes at the beach... Yeah, we ended up stuck out there (our legs were to tired to paddle back to shore) We got stuck on a sandbar and then to top it off, I lost a flip flop... Bad memories man, bad memories!   They went and had a great time.  Notice I bleeped a person out, they decided to go in a 4 person boat (less wait time) and went with a couple other people.. The Rock Ranch has 2 and 4 person paddle boats for this activity.
Outside the Dodgeball area.
The family dodgeball area was a hit for the boys... Actually, most of the day was spent here... Kids young and old had a ball in there!  It was awesome watching the kids all playing and having fun.. and it was great seeing dads get in there and play as well! Talk about making memories!  
Just a few of the many Hot Air Balloons there that day.  
 If you follow me on Instagram, you were able to see pictures from that day... Yes, dream come true.  I learned so much that day.  I had no clue how many people it took to get these jokers up and going.  There was wind that day, so they did not stay up that long, but it was awesome... They even did a glow, where they had them all light up once it was dark.  (Instagram, check it out I say!)
Once again, we had a great time!  Make sure to check out the weekend to see when you want to go.
Tomorrow, November 1st is PUMPKIN DESTRUCTION DAY.  I wanted to go then, but we have other commitments!   If you go, let me know... Would love to see pictures and hear all about it!  


  1. That does sound like a lot of fun packed into a day! I love the pictures, and the balloons. We have them come to the next city over from us every year, and I never miss them...they never get old. :)

  2. WOW it really looks like fun! I love it. I've never seen a hot air balloon in person.


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