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Although "chapter books" are a bit mature for Broxton, we still were happy when the Captain America books from Disney Publishing showed up in the mail!  I am not sure if you have to keep a reading log for how much you read to / with your child... but these were fun for us.  Each night, we would discuss if we were going to read 1-2 or 3 chapters... and then we would snuggle up and read them, logging the minutes for his school.    I love that although they are chapter books, they break things up with illustrations (and in The Secret Files book, they even have photos from the movie!) Both of these books would make great additions for the holidays... Either something to read on road trips over the holidays, or under the tree!

Paperback 144 pages  Ages 6-8 
Steve Rogers woke up in the 21st century and to a world full of new modern technology and changes.  He’s still not comfortable about his new life except when he is Captain America.  When S.H.I.E.L.D. learns HYDRA agents are on the rise and threatening the world’s safety, Nick Fury calls on Steve to suit up and put an end to HYDRA’s evil plans.  But even the courageous Captain America isn’t ready for HYDRA’s new leader, Armin Zola, Cap’s old foe resurrected as a powerful robot, and his plan to build a robotic army of Super-Soliders known as The Tomorrow Army to take over the world and destroy Captain America and SHEILD once and for all. Outmatched, Steve must now rely on help from others-namely Black Widow and Hawkeye-to face the thing he doesn’t understand: a techno-villain who is twisting modern technology to his own evil purposes.  The world’s only hope is the courageous Captain America! Marvel chapter books are the perfect next steps for readers who have grown up on our World of Reading titles.  These stories are character-driven tales in which much of the action-packed scenes unfold in colorful, fully-illustrated sequences, while the character and story development is conveyed in the clean, simple exposition that’s perfect for young readers.

Paperback 144 pages Ages 9-12 
Steve Rogers, known to the world as Captain America, continues his affiliation with S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury and the Avengers.  But Steve struggles to fit in the modern world, and now his past will come back to haunt him . . .  Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues the big-screen adventures of Super-Soldier Captain America, as he battles with modern times and villains that threaten the safety of his country…and even the world!


  1. I'm a huge Captain America fan...probably the biggest in the house since the second oldest moved away. :) We like all Super Hero books here. ;)

  2. I'm sure Isaak would love these. He's such a faker with me. He acts like he can't read. Then Travis said the other day, "He read 90% of this book to me." Isaak gives me a sneaky smile. He acts with me.


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