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One thing I love to give during the holidays?  Movies!  They make great gifts (even stocking stuffers if you want to go that route) and it is more than a gift... You can make a "movie night" and instead of just a gift of a movie, you have now given the gift of a great memory as well!   Throw in a cute blanket or a couple bags of popcorn and you have a great little gift basket!   With the holidays quickly approaching, I will be giving away a few great movies to make your holidays a little more entertaining!  No worries if you don't want to wait and use it as a gift...  You could plan to do a movie night over one of the school breaks that will be happening soon!  Hope you enjoy!  
MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN is based upon the beloved characters that first appeared in in the late 1950s and early 1960s animated television series “Rocky and His Friends” and “The Bullwinkle Show,” produced by Jay Ward.  

DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman Blu-ray™ Deluxe Edition 
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy Deluxe Edition includes: 

Feature film in high definition

Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features:
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends Show – See the premiere episode of the original 1959 television show. 
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Segments – Watch five segments from the original television series including “Robin Hood,” “Leonardo Da Vinci,” “Louis XVI,” “William Shakespeare,” and “Ludwig Van Beethoven.” 
DreamWorks Presents: Mr. Peabody & Sherman, A Journey WABAC
History’s Greatest Mysteries – A Dog and his Boy 
Peabody’s Paw Print on History - We take part in the excitement as Mr. Peabody gets his pawprints in cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre.  Cast members Ty Burrell (voice of “Mr. Peabody”) and Max Charles (voice of “Sherman”), join filmmakers Rob Minkoff (director), Alex Schwartz (producer) and Tiffany Ward (executive producer) for the festivities.  Also on hand (or paw?) are some of Mr. Peabody’s very famous furry friends, including Lassie, Beethoven, Rin Tin Tin, and a very adorable dog named George Clooney.
Time Travel Memory Match game
The WABAC Jigsaw Puzzle game 

Additional Special Features:
Tour of the WABAC Machine - Mr. Peabody, himself, takes us on an in-depth tour of the WABAC machine.  He explains what many of the WABAC’s knobs, buttons, and gizmos do.  Exactly what is a Pneumatic Dressilator?  A hemidemisemiquavatron?  And, those windshield wiper controls…how exactly do they help while speeding through the space-time continuum?  Mr. Peabody explains it all!  
Time Travel: Mad Science - We talk to real physicists Kenneth Wharton and Anthony Aguirre to find out if there is any possibility of time travel, and if so, how it would work.  We explore the two time travel theories of the Block Universe and the Multi-Verse.  We also learn why scientists think only forward time travel is possible, and how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity still determines how scientists imagine the possibilities of time travel.  
Photo Gallery 
Theatrical Trailer
World of DreamWorks Animation – Music videos from your favorite DreamWorks Animation feature films
Holiday Favorites – Sneak Peeks

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  1. We have not seen the movie yet, but would love to. We make movie night special by getting sleeping bags out, popping popcorn, and snuggling together.

  2. I have not seen this movie, but I remember watching the cartoons when I was little.

    We don't have movie night very often, because we can't find many movies that are family-friendly yet suitable for teens. When we do, we make it special by watching in a dark room.

  3. I have not. Isaak did though. He liked it.

  4. I forgot the 2nd part to your question. Movie night is cuddle time at our house. We also eat dinner in the living room when we watch a movie. It's the only time we do that.

  5. I have not seen this movie yet. We like to make good snacks for movie night!

  6. Heather Hayes PanjonOctober 14, 2014 at 9:30 PM

    I Have Not Seen This Movie Yet, We Make Family Movie Night Special With A Camp Out In Our Living Room... And Lot's Of Popcorn.

  7. We haven't seen this movie yet. To make movie night special, we eat pizza and lots of desserts!

  8. I have not seen this movie. We make family movie night special with good movies to watch and good food to eat.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. We have not seen this yet. We like to order a pizza or have good snacks and have friends over.

  10. Snuggles and popcorn make movie night special. And yep, we saw it in the theater and loved it. :)

  11. I saw this movie in the theaters and I really liked it. We make movie night special at our house by turning off all our phones while the movie is on so there is no distractions. BWallace1980(at)Hotmail(d0t)com

  12. I haven't seen this movie yet, at family we like to play board games ,watch a movie and eat popcorn, Thank you!

  13. I haven't seen it but would love to watch it with my kids. We love to curl up on the couch and have popcorn with special flavoring.

  14. Yes, we've seen this movie, and we'd love to see it again. Grab the pillows, blankets, and snacks, and we're ready for movie night!

  15. We have not seen it yet, it's hard to get to the movie theater. We love to snuggle up in the bed with the kids and eat snacks.

  16. We haven't seen this yet but my niece would enjoy this. We watch movies and sports on the big screen in the loft

  17. Not yet, we make popcorn and snuggle on the couch

  18. We haven't seen this movie yet but would love to :) We usually order in for movie night and have some great snacks on hand.

  19. Yes we have seen this! For our pizza night we usually fix a big bowl of popcorn.
    megan tilley

  20. I haven't seem this yet, but my kids and I want to! We love having family movie night with some sort of treat for the kids like popcorn or pizza.

  21. I got this! :) Thank you so much for it!


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