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Two more books that we were sent to get us in the mood for Trick or Treating?  Well, let me just tell you that they have special characters... also known as Mickey and Minnie!   
Yes!!!  I know some people go to Disney for Halloween and if you do, these would make great books for the road trip!  If you are like me and will not be headed down to Disney, you can still check out the books and get ready for a fun night!   

Mickey's Spooky Night - Available 7/22/2014
 Mickey's Spooky Night is a great book from Disney Publishing that has a Mobile App included in the purchase!  This is a hard cover book with thicker than normal pages... Not a board book, but thicker than others...   Each page is full color illustrations that are sure to get you ready to throw a Halloween Party of your own!  
 In Mickey's Spooky Night, Mickey is getting ready to have his friends over for a Halloween Party, only problem is that he can not find his costume!  He heads to the attic, just as bad weather heads that way- knocking out the electricity!   "Spooky" events start to happen, so the gang is all a bit scared, but no need to worry...  Everything is easily explained and all was great!  Just a perfect Halloween Night!
Minnie's Costume Contest - Available 
In Minnie's Costume Contest, we get to see Minnie's nieces and all the costume idea's that her cat, Figaro comes up with.  I loved the thought behind the different costumes (twin babies, a rainbow... great ideas for twins if you ask me)  but I will sadly admit... I did not understand it at all.  How shameful to say that I could not grasp the concept of a kids book.... But----  
The illustrations are cute... the fact that it is a board book is great for young ones... but the thing that stands out the most in this one?  The fact that it is cut out - each page has the top cut for the story, so as you turn the pages, you get to see the new shapes on the next page...   But I am still lost in the story of the book...
It appears as though Figaro is dreaming of his costume...  with Melody and Millie... but then the last page totally loses me...  It says Figaro wins - but Melody and Millie have the trophy... and he is asleep.  

As with anything Disney, the illustrations are amazing.  These would also make great Halloween themed books to have laying around closer to the holidays!   (You could also give one as a gift if you are invited to a Halloween party that has kids!)


  1. This is a cute book. We have a Mickey Mouse Halloween DVD.

  2. Alas, I am not heading down to Disney. But I wouldn't mind if we were... ;) and the books are cute. :) My MIL's name is Melody, she'd get a kick out of that name being in there.

  3. I wish we were heading to Disney! ;) These books will make up for that though!


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